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Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones



FCH NITECH GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin's ~ Redneck Woman
DNA-VIP Eligible
Date of Birth:  April 1, 2004
Call Name "Donna"
Current Hunt Title:
Nite Champion with 1 win towards Grand Nite Champion
Performance Points Earned to Date:  2.8 pts
Hunting Characteristics: 
Consistent cast winner
Loud piercing long traveling squal track mouth
two squalish bawl locates
loud never ending chop on tree
Loves to compete- whether familar or strange dogs
Hunt her by herself through the week or with a cast of dogs in a nitehunt on the weekend, it doesn't matter- if there's coon to tree- she'll tree 'em
Current Field Title:
Field Champion
Currently has 1 win towards Grand Field Champion
Current Show Title:
Grand Show Champion
First litter born Sept 2006 out of 1/2 brother Blade
Sire's Accomplishments:
On UKC's Current List of top ten Reproducing Redbone Sires
Currently #2 UKC Performance Redbone Sire
2001 Purina Outstanding Redbone of the Year
2001 National Redbone Days Best Overall Dog of