Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones

RaZoR'S RooK

'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's Rook
Call Name:  Rook
UKC Performance Pups
Sire:  GRNITECH GRCH AKC NITECH 'PR' Key's Outlaw Razor Red DNA-P
Dam:  NITECH GRCH 'PR' Trailyn Redneck Woman (Gretchen) DNA-P
Date Of Birth: January 24, 2008
Breeders:  Rob & Katina Childers
Owner:  Rob & Katina Childers

The newest Tree Rizin' Redbone- meet Rook.  He is out of Razor & Gretchen.  We have hopes that he will be the epidome of a dual purpose hound and carry on the "dual purpose" tradition that Tree Rizin' is noted for.  These pups are sure to have a phenominal mouth as Gretchen is a SUPER LOUD female.

Rook's bloodlines in 3 generations look like a collaboration of hunt & show... where two worlds collide (again- Typical Tree Rizin') but upon closer inspection.... you'll find NITECH Henning's Red Chief 9 times in Revenge's pedigree and you'll find GRNTCH Haye's Ramblin' Red Ace 18 times in this ped.  Old hunting blood at it's best....

Rook pictured at 20 weeks old. This pup is a natural on the bench.

Rob's pick male...
'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's Rook

A Collage of Rook & his littermate sister, Greta- owned by Sampson Hill Sierra Redbones

Zo's older siblings when they were babies...
On the Left.... Revenge... on the right- his littermate sister Angel

*************************** 'PR' Turpin's KS Thunder
**************** 'PR' Thomas' Mo Bruiser
*************************** 'PR' Burke's Red Cricket
***** GRNITECH GRCH AKC NITECH 'PR' Key's Outlaw Razor Red DNA-P
***************************  GRNITECH 'PR' Hurst's Honest Amos
**************** 'PR' Marcums KY Red Molly
*************************** NITECH 'PR' Dean's Little Red Ruby
*************************** GRCH AKC CH NKC CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Sidearm Red Ruger
**************** CH 'PR' Enduring Justice
*************************** CH 'PR' Sidearm Vixen
***** NITECH GRCH 'PR' Redneck Woman (Gretchen)
*************************** GRCH 'PR' Sidearm Easy Money
**************** CH 'PR' Sidearm Vixen
*************************** GRCH 'PR' Cory's Sidearm Red Reba

Zo's big brother Revenge!
Now owned by Junior Davidson from Virginia

Revenge's littermate sister & Zo's big sis....
Now owned by Brandon & Leigh Tedder & known as Hell Raz'n Angel!

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