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Razor X Shadow


GRNITECH GRCH AKC NITECH Key's Outlaw Razor Red with owners Rob & Katina Childers

NITECH GRCH 'PR' Soggy Bottom T-Top Shadow
Here's a top cross out of two top dogs.  I've heard Shadow called "a dog of a lifetime".  Rob says the exact same thing about Razor as most of you know so this could be the clash of the titans as far as breedings go.  We are looking forward to this breeding and to adding a pup from this cross to our program.  Shadow offers a lot of fine points that will compliment Razor greatly.  She is a big LOUD mouthed gal that made NITECH very easily.  She is also a LOOKER.  Very nice color, gorgeous feet and legs, nice head and did I mention that she has a nice mouth?
This breeding along with the Razor X Biscuit cross bring Tom Solberg's T-Top Kennel into our bloodlines.  Both the T-Top line and our line go back to NITECH Henning's Red Chief and the late-great GRNITECH Hayes' Ramblin' Red Ace (our breeds all-time best reproducer).  In these breedings you will find Razor (who has/will come back on the Current Top Ten list), Rat, Raven, Rusty Red, Bomber & Molly- all who are listed on the Historical list currently & Ace & Chief who have been bumped off the list due to age but who have pretty much DOMINATED our breed as far as reproducing ability.  So- you do the match-- these breedings spell S-U-C-C-E-S-S!!

NITECH Shadow!

Shadow & Pastor Mike cheesin' it up for the camera!

Razor X Shadow Breeding

Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation
GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Key's Outlaw Razor Red Thomas' Mo Bruiser Turpin's KY Thunder
Burke's Red Cricket
Marcum's Red KY Molly GRNITECH Hurst's Honest Amos
NITECH Dean's Lil' Red Ruby
NITECH GRCH 'PR' Soggy Bottom T-Top Shadow GRNITECH GRCH T-Top Rabble Rouser GRNITECH T-Top Tree Talkin' Red Rat
GRNITECH GRCH T-Top Rockin' Red Raven
GRCH Crazy Mountain Sassy GRNITECH Hoffmeister's Red Bomber
GRCH Elburn's Sweet Adalida
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