Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones

MiLeY & CaSH

Female:  'PR' One In A Million
Call Name:  Miley
Male:  'PR' Walk The Line
Call Name:  Cash
Date of Birth:  March 2, 2008
Sire:  GRCH 'PR' Cody's Good News Butcher
Dam:  CH 'PR' Sweet Talking Babe
Owner: Katina Childers

11 wks old: Top- 'PR' Walk The Line (Cash)
11 wks old: Bottom- 'PR' One In A Million (Miley)

It's not unusual for Tree Rizin' to be sporting an off-colored dog here & there.  It IS odd for there to be TWO at a time.  But- these two babies are littermates out of GRCH Cody's Good News Butcher who I owned a couple of years ago & these puppies are the finale' of that deal.  These two pups are super nice.  I am impressed with them both.  We'll grow them out & see what we have.  Look for updates here.
About their names:
Cash's registered name "Walk The Line" is a song by Johnny Cash... hence his name
Miley's registered name "One In A Million" is a song by Miley Cyrus (as Hanna Montana)... hence her name :P

TOP: 'PR' Walk The Line ~aKa~ CASH
BOTTOM: 'PR' One In A Million ~aKa~ MILEY

'PR' One In A Million (Miley)
'PR' Walk The Line (Cash)
Breed: Treeing Walker Coonhound
Whelp date: 3/02/2008
Owner: Katina Childers

Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
GRCH Cody's Good News Butcher GRCH So Fork River Mundar's Roller GRCH So Fork River Mundar GRNITECH GRCH Morgan's Tree Jammin Mundar
CH Table Rock Little Sis
GRCH Pond Hill Bacall GRCH Pond Hill Bogart
GRCH Pond Hill Lucy III
GRCH Clamme's Naughty Nancy GRCH Kentucky River Boomer GRNITECH GRCH Kentucky River Rowdy
GRCH Cook's KY Tara II
White River DJ GRCH White River King III
GRCH Coon Crazy Casey
CH Sweet Talking Babe CH Sweet Talking Ozark's Dakota GRCH Ozark Mtn Li'l Rebel GRCH Ozark Mtn Little Dan
GRCH Ozark Mountain Music
GRCH Eagle River Wind Charmer Obian River Cry
CH Crooked Creek Crystal
FCH CH Jentsch's Sweet Talking Jamie FCH CH Sweet Talking Grizzle's Tyke GRCH NITECH Spring Creek Max
NITECH CH Finley River Beckey
GRFCH GRCH Sweet Talking Ruby NITECH Nite Run's Ring
Nite Run's Ma Barker
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