Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones


Tree Rizin' Redbones is one of the true "dual purpose" kennels that promote dogs on the bench & in the timber.  We like our dogs to do both & sometimes, also put them in water race & field trials.
I've decided to re-vamp the layout of the hounds and see how I like it (your comments are appreciated).  On this page, I will give links to the dogs who are primarily bred for hunt.  See the SHOW DOGS page for the dogs primarily bred to show. 
Click the links below for Tree Rizin's Hunting Stock:



Rob's plans for 2008 include finishing Logo to NTCH.  He's got 4 2nds & 2 3rds... he just needs that first.
From there, we have several directions that we could go.  We'll see...
1)  work Logo towards GRNTCH
2)  put Daisy in a few NTCH casts & maybe work HER towards GRNTCH
3) bring Spike out & start him in the hunts!
Contact us for info on folks that may have RAZOR puppies available across the nation.

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