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Call Name:  Ciara
Date of Birth:  March 19, 2008
Sire:  GRCH 'PR' Hill's Sierra Red Vindicator DNA-P
Dam:  GRCH 'PR' Sampson Hill Golly Ms Holly DNA-P

Ciara pictured @ 11 1/2 wks

Coming to Tree Rizin' at American Redbone Days-- the much anticipated Vindicator pup! :)
It's been a bumpy road to Ohio but we should have this girl home this weekend.  Thanks & Joanne & Dave for their friendship & for allowing us to bring Ciara home.
Watch here as we update.
Ciara's Name Breakdown:
Tree Rizin' :  Our kennel name... no Tree Rizin' pup would be complete without it! :)
Sweet:  A tribute to one of my favorite female reproducers of all time! :)
Ciara:  A play on spelling (to make it all fit)- honoring the kennel she came from- Sampson Hill Sierra Redbones
Vindetta:  Another intention play on spelling honoring Ciara's sire, VINdicator! :)



UKC World Champion Redbone Winners In Ciara's Pedigree:

2000 GRCH 'PR' Sidearm Bare Necessities
1999 GRCH 'PR' Hoosier's Holiday Gamble
1993 GRNITECH GRCH'PR'Comstock's Red Lightning
1992 UKC World Show Champion Overall:  WSHOWCH GRCH Hill's Sierra Red Queen 
1992 GRCH'PR'Hill's Sierra Red Rambler 
1991 GRNITECH GRCH'PR' Comstock's Red Lightning
1990 GRCH Hill's Sierra Red Commando 
1985 GRCH 'PR" Hill's Sierra Red Ace 

My Kadie with Vindicator back in the day!

REFERENCE: Ciara's Dam
GRCH 'PR' Sampson Hill Golly Ms Holly~ 2 X Autumn Oaks Winner

REFERENCE: Ciara's Sire
GRCH 'PR' Hill's Sierra Red Vindicator

'PR' Tree Rizin' Sweet Ciara Vindetta

Name: Ciara

Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
GRCH 'PR' Hill's Sierra Red Vindicator GRNITECH GRCH Comstock's Red Lightning Jewell's Geronimo Q NITECH Timber Chopper Rocky
Ashman's Brandy
CH Tioga Valley Squaw NITECH CH Wheeler's Scooter
Hersh's Huntin Red Sue
WSHOWCH GRCH Hills Sierra Red Queen GRCH Hill's Sierra Commando GRCH Hill's Sierra Red Ace
Swobada's Annie
Hawk's Sweet Rose Hill's Sierra Red Joe
Hill's Sierra Red Peggy
GRCH Sampson Hill Golly Ms Holly GRCH Sidearm Bare Necessities GRCH Sidearm Kajun Ketchup Tidewater Max
Sidearm Creek Bottom Risky
CH Crystals Scarlet Lady NITECH Red Dude Edger
Palmer's Ellymae
GRCH Hoosier's Hollywood GRCH Rockin Red Bo Didley GRNITECH CH Yellow River Red Rocky
Morden's Red Rose
GRCH Hoosier Holiday Gamble GRCH Elburn's Doc Tari
Bottorff's Ramblin Red Princess
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