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This page & the link/s below- are dedicated to one of the most important aspects of our lives-- our kids!  We have 6 total:
Courtney Michelle (18)- Rob's daughter.  Court is a senior & going to MVCTC this year & is studying to become a cosmetologist.  She should have her license to work in a salon very soon. 
Dakota (16)- Rob's son.  Dakota got his license recently.  He's a true all-american kinda boy.  He is buying his own vehicle, holds a steady job and his grades are awesome.  He plays bass and acoustic guitar.
Cassi Mari (almost 16)- Kat's daughter.  Cassi is a varsity cheerleader.  Cheerleading is pretty much her life.  She is currently also taking tumbling classes..... to make her a better cheerleader! :)  She just "got" her round off, back-hand-spring tuck and is working on her standing tuck!
Colton (15 1/2)- Kat & Rob adopted Colton when he was 11 yrs old from Ohio's foster care system.  He was classified as "unadoptable" because of his age and behavior issues.  Colt still struggles with his behavior and impulsive negative choices but he had a future now, a steady home & the sky is the limit. 
Courtney B (13)- Kat's daughter.  Courtney is a 7th grade cheerleader & is also taking tumbling classes.  She is working on a round-off back-hand-spring and her standing back hand-spring.  She's the "gangster" girl of the group.  Lives for hip hop, is a great student and definitely isn't afraid to express herself as an individual.
Kadie (8)- She is Rob & Kat's baby!!  Kadie is the glue that bonds our blended family.  She's in 2nd grade.  She's also a cheer & tumbling fan and may start gymnastics soon.  She's outgoing, very personable & incredibly smart. 
BELOW:  A collage of what makes these kids who they are!


Cassi - Courtney -- Kadie

Cassi holding Kadie, Courtney M & Courtney B @ Cassi's 8th grade graduation- wow they've grown since



Dakota thinks he is studly!

You've now seen the REAL LIFE Charlie's Angels!




Here's our new son Colton with some of the puppies!

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