Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones

~Ruger Pups~

Gunner/G2 ~ Ruger X Vixen ( Ruger's very first litter) G2 is a full littermate to Gunner 1 & Moose!

CH 'PR' Trailyn Tree Rizin' Son Of A Gun (Gunner or G2)

Welcome to our collage of Ruger puppies!

'PR' Wildcliff's Cat Scratch Fever owned by Tracy Spillane of Carmel, NY @ 1 YR old

Above:  This is Jinx.  She is off of the much anticipated & awaited cross by Ruger & GRCH 'PR' Rev's Sierra's Red Queen.  Queen is our Trippy & Heidi's mother so this is among one of our very best crosses.  Trippy is a legend in her own time with her wins and Heidi & Maverick (Jinx's littermates) are now making Their mark as well.  We expect the same great results from Jinx.  Jinx is owned by Tracey Spillane of Carmel, NY who also owns Levi off of Razor & Hood. 

"Dude" Ruger X Hood

Ruger X Wanda- owned by Carl Johnson

CH 'PR' Trailyn Enduring Justice (Ruger X Vixen)

'PR' Stormin' Autumn Night (Autumn)

Above:  Ch 'PR' Trailyn Enduring Justice AKA Moose.  Moose is off of Ruger's very first litter by CH 'PR' Trailyn Sidearm Vixen.  Moose & Vixen are both owned by breeder, Tracy Lyn Davidson.  Moose is almost 2 years old and a littermate to CH 'PR' Trailyn Tree Rizin' Son Of A Gun (Gunner).  Moose finished his champion with a big Best Overall Dog of Show win at the Redbone Sectional in Bryant, IN.
Left:  'PR' Stormin' Autumn Night AKA Autumn.  Autumn is off of Ruger & Rose.  She is a nice little female that sets up easily & is a pleasure to show. 

'PR' Tree Rizin' Red White & Boom (Boomer) {Ruger X Queen}

To The Left:  This is Boomer.  He's an awesome pup off of Ruger & GRCH 'PR' Rev's Sierra's Red Queen and is a 1/2 brother to my Trippy female.  He is also a littermate brother to Charm above and my Heidi & Maverick.  He is owned by Liz Donaldson of Maine. 

This is Ruby owned by Linda & Dan Kunkel of OH. Ruby is off Ruger & GRCH Lil' Red Ridin' Hood

Right:  Ruby is from my dual-sire litter by Hood.  Unfortunately, Ruby was spayed & will never be able to compete up to her potential.  I feel that if Ruby had not been spayed she would have been a NATIONAL contender in the show ring.

"Blaze" ~ Ruger X Rose

Mr. Tree Dog ~ 8 weeks old with grit!! Ruger X Rose (Blaze)

And above & to the left is Mr. Tree Dog himself.  This is Blaze from our Ruger & Rose cross.  He's the pup in the very top picture of this page also.  You should have SEEN this early interest in coon!!  He was amazing.  He is now owned by David & Tammy Skaggs of Ft. Scott, KS.

'PR' Rockn W Parson Me Boys (Stephanie) owned by Lynn Wilson. Ruger X Jodie II

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