Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones

* The Trippy/Razor Cross *

These pups just keep on WOWING us so AGAIN I set aside a page JUST FOR THEM!!  Here is where I will update on the progress of the Razor/Trippy kids NOT owned by us!

NOTE:  We've had a lot of requests for this repeat cross.  If we do not sell Trippy- she will likely be bred back to Razor in her next heat- which will make puppies available in 2006.  Trippy is a true asset to this kennel & we hate to consider selling her at all but we do want her to reach her potential and don't want to hold her back.  I believe Trippy is Quad material.  Her puppies by Razor are outstanding & I believe they will allow Trippy to join Razor on the reproducers list someday.

CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Triple Threat (Storm) owned by Ben Hollinger, OH!

NTCH CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Two Worlds Collide (Clyde) w/coon kill 2004 season! AWESOME JOB AUBREY!

NITECH CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Two Worlds Collide (Clyde) owned by Aubrey & Ann Butler, WI

FOLKS- THIS is what Razor pups are capable of when they get into the right hands!!  So many dogs do not see their potential because they don't have a firm committment made to them by their owners.  What a tragedy for Clyde not to have seen HIS potential.  We are grateful to Aubrey who has not only trained this pup but has made him a COONDOG!  Aubrey & Rob talk regularly and Aubrey asks about training techniques quite frequently and fortunately for him and for Clyde- he LISTENS to what Rob has to say.  Rob is one of the best pup trainers out there and Razor pups are AWESOME!  Couple both of those with an awesome owner dedicated to his hound and this is what you get!  THANKS AUBREY & ANN!!

To hear Aubrey talk about this dog-- THIS IS "RAZOR II"- he goes by the name of CLYDE!!!

'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's Triple Crown (Ditto) Razor X Trippy

1) NITECH CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Two World's Collide (Clyde)- Clyde is owned by Aubrey & Ann Butler of Wisconsin. 
CLYDE is Razor's 2ND NITECH!!  WAY TO GO AUBREY & CLYDE!!!  We are excited to watch Aubrey & Clyde as they work towards their GRNITECH title.
UPDATE 2/13/05:  CLYDE MAKES CHAMPION!!  I haven't gotten all of the details yet- but what I do know is:  In his first Bench Show since Aubrey & Ann have had Clyde- Clyde takes Best In Show Male over a LOT of dogs.  He had another redbone to beat for breed & in the final round there was a Black & Tan, Bluetick, English, Plott & Walker plus Clyde represented.  I don't know "how many" of the other breeds were represented but obviously- Clyde & Aubrey REALLY earned this win!!!  Aubrey is brand new to showing the dogs but he & Ann have come down a few times now & I've given them pointers with Clyde to help them (and Clyde) get in the groove.  Obviously, they have worked hard with him since then & it shows!!  CONGRATS Aubrey & Ann!!!
UPDATE 12/27/04:  Aubrey & Ann came down for a visit & brought Clyde along. (Thanks for the Wisconsin Cheese!!) We had a great visit & Aubrey reports that Clyde has taken 62 coon this season but has treed over 100- some were multi-coon in one tree where Aubrey only took 1 coon.  We got a chance to see how Clyde is growing out & I have to say that PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE!  This dog use to have a thicker coat- it's gone now.  He has turned into a nice darker shade of red- a shade or two darker than his momma.  He is an awesome blend of Razor & Trippy and we can see sooo much likeness between him & our dogs.  He has nice tight feet, awesome angle and ear set and a very nice bite.  Of course these are his "confirmation" features- I think all of the reports in these updates also show that he's a coondog deluxe.  This is a dog that we would love to have in our own kennel- he is AWESOME.  Everything that is true to Razor & Trippy.
UPDATE 12/5/04:  CLYDE'S COON NUMBERS SO FAR THIS SEASON:  55 coon killed- about 80 treed!
UPDATE 11/14/04:  Aubrey just called to say that he has killed 42 single coon with Clyde BY HIMSELF since their kill season opened!! Now folks- THIS is what happens when you PUT THE DOG IN THE TIMBER!!!  There is NO DOUBT in our minds that Aubrey will have Clyde NITECH next spring.  These two are a LETHAL combination.  Aubrey called to find out when he can get his next Razor pup-- at THIS RATE- we'll be GIVING you that pup for making CLYDE NITECH!!  Keep up the AWESOME WORK!!
Aubrey bought Clyde at Autumn Oaks 2004.  Though Clyde had been introduced to a couple of scent drags & had seen a caged coon, he had NOT been taken to the woods at night.  In just 3 weeks, Aubrey said that Clyde has went from "a dog that didn't even know what a cornfield was" to a dog that is "doing it all!!"  Clyde has the priviledge of being owned by a good pup trainer that is hunting him with really nice solid coon dogs.  As a result, Clyde has been running his OWN coon since that 3rd week of Aubrey owning him.  He will fight a coon, kill a coon & do it in style.  Aubrey said that when we described Clyde's mother, Trippy's- exceptional tracking ability that we were also describing CLYDE!!  Aubrey called to let Rob know how incredibly pleased he is with Clyde.  We have to say we are as equally pleased with Aubrey!!  This was a VERY VERY good match for a Razor pup!  KEEP IT UP AUBREY!!
UPDATE 10/13/04:  Here's what they have to say "He is doing very, very well overall.  He is striking, tracking, and treeing coon, and he has even split treed a couple of times now.  He is getting to be a very quick strike dog, and a very fast tracker."
UPDATE 10/18/04:  Clyde is ON FIRE!!!! Opening weekend (2 nights) Clyde tracked, treed, and killed 5 coon BY HIMSELF!!!!!! We are super pleased with his progress.  Aubrey's goal was to have Clyde tracking and treeing by himself by season end, and he has done it by season opening!!
2) GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's Renegade (Gator) is owned by Dustin Bales of Ohio.
Gator has finished his Grand Champion title on the bench & is making his debut in the nitehunts.  He will be campaigned to his nite champion title in 2006.
3)  CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Triple Threat- owned by Ben Hollinger of OH.
UPDATE 10/16/05:  Ben just purchased Storm.  He called today excited about his hunt with her this weekend.  She ran & treed- had the meat and did it in STYLE!  Storm is a HARD HARD treedog-- tree hugging- belly rubbing tree dog!!  GO STORM!
4) CH 'PR' Rokn W Razors Texas Wild Card (Deuce) owned by Dwayne & Lynn Wilson of Texas.
Update 10/16/05:  Deuce has 2 wins now towards his GRCH and has 2 really nice litters on the ground.  Lynn reports that he puts his gorgeous head on his babies as well as his awesome outgoing personality!
5) CH 'PR' Noss' So Mtn Sebastian (Seb) 
Sebastian is now back at Tree Rizin'.  We look forward to putting him in the timber.  We will update on Seb in a few days.
6) 'PR' Tree Rizin' Razors Triple Crown owned by Steve Campbell, Ohio
Ditto is extremely special to me.  She was my pick female in the litter and I have raised her for the first 16 mths old her life.  I will keep tabs on her forever and I will be showing her out to her GRCH but Rob needed a breather and the only way to do that was to lessen the load of young dogs that he has to train- particularly since we had a poor training season this year due to distemper coming through. Steve & his buddies are hard hunters.  They will do right by Ditto and Steve will put her into competition hunts when she is ready- something that Rob may not ever have been able to offer due to just TOO MANY young dogs so we feel fortunate to have made the match of Ditto and Steve.  We believe they will be a team to be reckoned with.  & for you show folks around here, don't think you are getting off the hook- I will still be out with Ditto in the show ring in 2005! ;)

This is Sebastian-this picture taken 1/05 really doesn't do him justice- will update soon!

Gorgeous Deuce before going south!

'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's Dice owned by Greg Hartwell of IN.

'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's Renegade (Gator) owned & pictured with Dustin Bales, OH


OK- to Aubrey, Dustin, Ben, Lynn & Steve:  We've given you a place to brag about your hounds- it's our challenge to you for you to keep the info current & see who can out-do who! <G>

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