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DNA-P 40% Fixed Traits
Call Name:  "Star"
Sire:  GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Key's Outlaw Jesse James
Dam:  NITECH 'PR' Outlaw Belle Star
January 12, 2000- December 14, 2007
Breeder:  Spencer Glisson
Owner:  Rob & Katina Childers & Brian Clark

Star, Jeff & Rob after Star wins 1ST PLACE at the UKC Regional Qualifying Event in Shelbyville, IN!!

UPDATE 12/15/07:
Star passed away on 12/14/07 of what appears to be natural causes.  She was a great reproducer, an awesome coondog & a treasured companion.  She will be greatly missed.
Fortunately, her legacy lives on in her MANY MANY successful offspring.
Tree Rizin' Redbones is blessed to own 4 of Star's offspring at this time:
Donna, Logo, Duke & Dusty
Star is now co-owned by Tree Rizin' Redbones & Brian Clark of Iowa.  We look forward to Brian campaigning Star to her GRNITECH title in 2006.
Star's Current Champions:
GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's True Grit (Rooster) (Star X Razor)
CH 'PR' Ancient Oaks Shining Snow Star (Star) (Star X Razor)
(Note these were the only two surviving pups from this cross.)
CH 'PR' Crimson Creek's Redneck Woman (Donna) (Star X Razor)
ON 6/7/03 (after just coming OUT of heat)- Star won ANOTHER 1ST PLACE WIN to finish to NITECH with 2 1st place wins & a 2nd!!!  GREAT JOB JEFF & STAR!!!!
ON 4/12/03~ STAR  WON 1ST PLACE AT THE REGIONAL QUALIFYING EVENT IN SHELBYVILLE, IN WITH 700 PLUS~ NO CIRCLE~ NO MINUS!!!  There were 66 dogs in the hunt!!  A special thanks to Jeff Bowman (Rob's Cousin & Partner in crime <G>) who handled Star for us & will handle Star in the upcoming hunts!!!
We've owned Star from the time she was a pup.  Everything she's been in the woods has been due to our blood, sweat & tears as well as on the bench.  Star currently has a 1st place win in NKC and just finished to NITECH in UKC with 2 1sts and a 2nd.  She will now be pushed in some of the bigger events in UKC for 2003!!!  She is a super sharp coon dog that makes things happen. 
On the bench~ Star made Champion at 6 months & I granded her at 13 months.  She is an easy dog to show, a pleasure to hunt and a good mother.  She's the mother to our future stud dog, CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's True Grit whom we expect to head up our kennel in years to come.  She is directly off of GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Key's Outlaw Jesse James & NITECH 'PR' Outlaw Belle Star so she is throwing an awesome pedigree on her pups.
Star was hunted in Virginia over the winter and here's what the gentleman who hunted her had to say "SHE IS OUT HUNTING ALL OF MY HOUNDS NOW, AND I HAVE 12 VERY GOOD HOUNDS".
Star is an awesome awesome coondog and one that anyone would be proud to have in their kennel and we are very fortunate to have such a FINE FINE HOUND!!!
The Star & Razor cross has been proven time and again.  One of the very best young hounds we've ever owned was GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's True Grit (Rooster).  Tragically, he was killed on the road during kill season 2004 just shy of his NITECH title.  When we lost Rooster- we lost hope that we would find another one like him.  We HAVEN'T found "ROOSTER"- but we did find his younger sister- Donna- who is a full sister but younger.  Donna is now 19 mths old and she may end up a better hound than Rooster when she gets his age.  She is PHENOMINAL!!!  The same can be said for her littermate sister Mischief.  We have high hopes for "LOUD MOUTHED" Donna and also her younger baby sister Patience- ALSO out of the Razor & Star Cross!

Star~ She can hunt, she can field trial, she can water race, she can bench & she can reproduce!!!

Here's a picture taken of Star the day she came back home from her Winter Vacation in Virginia!

In 2001, her very FIRST hunt- Star took Queen of Hunt at West Harrison, IN's ARCHA Redbone Sectional.  On that same day, she also won Grand Champion Female of Show.  2 years later, we put her in the same hunt where she AGAIN took Queen of Hunt.  Star's recent success can be seen above!  Star is a pleasure to hunt & more than that-- she is an awesome reproducer.  Star is doing great things & we look for her pup, Rooster (by Razor) to do great things as well!!!  
Star's Pedigree:
Top Side:
Sire:  GRNITECH GRCH Key's Outlaw Jesse James
Grand-Sire:  GRNITECH GRCH Amos' Burning Ben
Great-Grand Sire:  GRNITECH Hunter's Famous Amos
Great-Grand Dam:  CH GRNITECH Miller's Red Betsy
Grand Dam:  GRNITECH Key's Outlaw Jessie
Great-Grand Sire:  CH GRNITECH Smith's Red Oak Mike
Great-Grand Dam:  Graves' Bear Creek Ruby
Bottom Side:
Dam:  NITECH Outlaw Belle Star
Grand-Sire:  GRCH GRNITECH Outlaw Billy The Kid
Great-Grand Sire:  GRNITECH GRCH Amos' Burning Ben
Great-Grand Dam:  GRNITECH Key's Outlaw Jessie
Grand-Dam:  Lamine River Outlaw Mandy (#1 Current Reproducer)
Great-Grand Sire:  NITECH CH Smith's Red Rowdy
Great- Grand Dam:  Crabtree Susie

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