Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones

NITECH GRWCH GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Coon Crazy Daisy
Call Name: "Daisy"
Dam:  NITECH CH 'PR' Key's Outlaw Pearl
Date of Birth:  March 1, 2002
Breeder:  Alton & Theresa Key
Owner:  Katina Childers & Mike Chirico
Currently Bred To:
NITECH 'PR' Moonlight Bigtime Bo
NITECH 'PR' Moonlight Mudslingin Maniac
Pups will be DNA-Profiled for PROOF POSITIVE PARENTAGE!!!  Bo & Kink are BOTH AWESOME!  They are also LITTERMATES!  Which brother will cross better to Daisy????  Let's find out together!!

Here's Daisy- COON SEASON 2004- out hunting with 1/2 brother Echo!

Daisy's Titled Offspring:
WCH GRCH 'PR' Chirico's Chestnut Ridge Soda (Daisy X Echo)
FLASH 11/5/05:  DAISY MAKES NITECH WITH A 1ST, 3RD & 2ND IN 2 MTHS (WITH A HEAT CYCLE MIXED IN THERE!) Daisy is taking competition by storm in the water!!  She's nearly untouchable up in NY!!  She needs 1 win to GRWCH!  She also has pts towards FCH.  She should be 4 way titled by this summer. 
Daisy is truly a product of GREAT TEAMWORK!!!  Her history passes her back & forth between our house & Mike Chirico's (who co-owns Daisy with us).  Kat finished Daisy UNDEFEATED from registered to grand show champion on the bench.  Kat has NEVER lost a show with Daisy!!!  To date- Daisy is STILL the only dog that Kat can boast this about.
Rob started Daisy in the woods & had her going strong when Mike took her home on a co-own.  Mike finished Daisy out and then began putting her in the water races & most recently, the field trials as well.  Mike finished Daisy to water champion & has wins on her towards her Grand Water Title and also has Daisy's 1st line & tree in the field trials. 
Rob then started jabbing at Mike to get Daisy in the hunts & they "made a deal" that if Mike would just "hurry up" and get Daisy's 1st place win out of the way that Rob would put our other dogs on hold to finish out Daisy's NITECH title.  Mike took that challenge literally and quickly put that 1st on Daisy.  A few weeks later, Rob & Mike hooked up at an event in Ohio so that Rob could follow through with his part of the bargain.  That night, they hunted Daisy in a nitehunt & put her 3rd place win on her.  Rob brought her back home to finish her off & she came in heat that thursday.  We decided to go ahead & breed her to our NITECH GRCH T-Rex fully expecting to finish Daisy's NITECH title as soon as she came out of heat.  This weekend- Rob did just that by putting a 2nd on Daisy & finishing her title.  Daisy is Razor's 3RD NITECH now & although Razor had already hit the Current Reproducers List without Daisy's new title-- Daisy seals the deal that he will stay.
GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Coon Crazy Daisy is 3 years old old & is off of our GRNITECH GRCH AKC NITECH Razor X NITECH Key's Outlaw Pearl.  While owned exclusively by Tree Rizin' Redbones, Daisy went undefeated on the bench- taking 8 straight shows beating a total of 21 different dogs. 
This is one of the most powerful hunting crosses out there.  Razor's win credits include 2001 Purina Outstanding Redbone of the Year and 2001 National Redbone Days Best Overall Dog of Hunt.  Pearl's win credits include 2000 ACHA World Champion Redbone, High Scoring female at American Redbone Days and many more for both dogs. 


NITECH WCH GRCH Tree Rizin' Coon Crazy Daisy

Reg. #: U572,894
Name: Daisy
Sex: Female
Breed: Redbone
Whelp date: March 1, 2002

Breeder: Alton & Theresa Key
Owner: Katina Childers & Mike Chirico
Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
GRNITECH GRCH AKC NITECH Key's Outlaw Razor Red Thomas' Mo Bruiser Turpin's KS Thunder NITECH Henning's Red Chief
GRCH Haye's Ramblin Red Kate
Burke's Red Cricket NITECH Henning's Chief
Henning's Magic Lady
Marcum's KY Red Molly GRNITECH Hurst's Honest Amos GRNITECH Woody Woodpecker
Tall Timber Sassie
NITECH Dean's Little Red Ruby NITECH Turpin's Red Duke
NITECH Turpin's Red Duke
NITECH CH Key's Outlaw Pearl NITECH Craft's Outlaw Jack GRNITECH CH Dawns Timber Jack CH GRNITECH Toussaint Red Talker
NITECH CH Cane Spring Dawn
GRNITECH Key's Outlaw Jessie CH GRNITECH Smith's Red Rowdy
GRNITECH Graves' Bear Creek Ruby
Craft's Wild Cherry Annie NITECH Iowa River Dan NITECH Henning's Magic Willie
Thomas' Mo Red Belle
Fireball Ruby GRNITECH Melton's Red Fireball
Myers' Dead End Kat
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