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Here's an "action" shot of Gunner with his coon!

Gunner~ Tree Rizin' Style!!

**** FLASH **** CONGRATULATIONS TO DAVID BULLARD FROM NORTH CAROLINA ~ NEW OWNER OF CH 'PR' TRAILYN TREE RIZIN' SON OF A GUN.  We know that David is going to get Gunner out there & before the public in the hunts & shows & wish David much success with his new hound.

Gunner (or G2) is off of Ruger's very first litter by CH 'PR' Trailyn Sidearm Vixen owned by Tracy Davidson.  He just turned 1 year old and is becoming a nice steady coondog.  He has a big bawl mouth on track and changes over to a chop on tree.  He's going to be one of those dogs that squash the myth that "pretty" dogs don't hunt.  If you don't want to take our word for it--  grab your light and boots & make your way to our place.  We'd be happy to take you hunting!!

Gunner has a nice strong deep loud mouth (that sometimes is quite annoying in the back yard) =)~ and he has a gorgeous head on him.  He made Show Champion with 3 Best In Shows & has one win towards his grand.  I have deliberately held him back from further shows to campaign him in 2003.

The photos included here are a recent photo taken of him on the bench, a photo of him playing "keep away" with the other dogs (especially his dad!) with a coonhide and finally, a picture of him gripping into the wood treeing!

Gunner's mother is just shy of finishing her Grand Champion title.  Once she does & Gunner is also finished to Grand Champion, he will be capable of producing a 3-generation ALL GRAND SHOW litter!  We look forward to accomplishing this goal.

I will update often as Gunner progresses.

Gunner's Top Side:

Sire: GRCH NKC CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Sidearm Red Ruger 
Grand Sire: GRCH 'PR' Sidearm Kajun Ketchup
Great Grand Sire:  'PR' Tidewater Max 
Great Grand Dam: 'PR' Sidearm Creek Bottom Risky

Grand Dam: GRCH 'PR' Cory's Sidearm Red Reba 
Great Grand Sire: GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Parker's Reverend Red 
Great Grand Dam: 'PR' Sidearm Creek Bottom Risky


Dam: CH 'PR' Trailyn Sidearm Vixen
Grand Sire: GRCH 'PR' Sidearm Easy Money
Great Grand Sire:  'PR' Tidewater Max
Great Grand Dam: 'PR' Long Lane Reba

Grand Dam: GRCH 'PR' Cory's Sidearm Red Reba
Great Grand Sire: GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Parker's Reverend Red
Great Grand Dam: 'PR' Sidearm Creek Bottom Risky