Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones


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CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Lil' Miss Grace

CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Lil' Miss Grace~~ Look at this RAZOR pup tree!

~*~*~*~  GRACE ~*~*~*~*

UPDATE:  Congratulations to David N. who is now the proud owner of Grace.  I think David is already in love with this dog.  David actually called to try & buy a young started female & initially, we told him we had nothing we wanted to part with.  By the end of the conversation, David had left a lasting impression on Rob.  He named his bloodline-- the Chief/ACE line-- that's what he wanted.  He told Rob about his hunting experience both in coon & more directly- with big game & his need for a gritty hound that would do it.  The more he described what he wanted- the more he was describing Grace.  That phone call was ended without us even offering Grace to him.  It took several days before we called David back.  The conversation and decision to let him buy her was a tough one.  We had intended to breed Grace.  She came in and we skipped the heat so that David could get her.  We made a tough decision but a great one.  David is the REAL deal!  He is gonna give her a wonderful opportunity and prove that Razor can throw dogs that can be used on Bear as well (Grace's littermate brother is already worked on Bear).  We wish David the BEST of Luck with Grace.


CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Lil' Miss Grace is off of Razor & Annie.  She has an awesome hunting pedigree and brings in the late great NITECH Henning's Red Chief four times up close.  She is 31.25% Chief bred and you will find him on her 3 generation pedigree once & another 3 times in the 4th generation.

Grace is chop/squal mouth on track and chop mouth on tree.  She is very aggressive on a coon-- she just knows no STOP!  She's a diehard hunter and is doing an awesome job in the woods.  She acts awesome in the woods & runs really well on track & tree ~ and when she trees-- BOY does she tree!!!  She's an every breath tree dog and is doin' it Razor-style!! =) 

When Grace was only 4 1/2 months old she ran her very OWN coon into a brush pile.  She's got the brains, the ability and the genes to be a top notch coondog.

I made Grace a champion at an early age and look forward to working her towards her grand as Rob continues taking her to the timber.

Here's her pedigree:

Sire: UKC GRNITECH GRCH AKC NITECH 'PR' Key's Outlaw Razor Red
Grand Sire: 'PR' Thomas' Mo Bruiser
Great Grand Sire: 'PR' Turpin's KS Thunder (Chief/Ace)
Great Grand Dam: Burke's Red Cricket (Chief/Ace)

Grand Dam: 'PR' Marcum's Red Kentucky Molly
Great Grand Sire: GRNITECH 'PR' Hurst's Honest Amos (WoodPecker/Ace)
Great Grand Dam: NITECH 'PR' Dean's Little Red Ruby


Dam: NITECH Deepwood's Red Annie 
Grand Sire: 'PR' Yaddoff's Magic Jack
Great Grand Sire:  NITECH Henning's Red Chief  (Ace)
Great Grand Dam: Williams' Sandy 

Grand Dam: NITECH Woody's Red Robin
Great Grand Sire: NITECH CH Henning's Magic Woody (ChiefXLady)
Great Grand Dam: Brammeier's Cindy II

Grace will remaining a part of our breeding program.  When David is ready to breed Grace, we will have input in the chosen sire & will also be taking a pup off of the cross.  We are thrilled to have found someone so dedicated to this dog - we really had no choice but to let him buy her- they were made for each other.