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Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones

Introducing. . .  GRCH 'PR' Lee's Red Hot Breeze


Breeze is a 5 year old female and the mother to "Witch" by our GRNITECH GRCH Razor.  She's a real nice coondog that can run & tree her own coon.  She's going to work out nicely in our program as a pup trainer and seeing that she is off of two Dual Grand Champions (Grand Nite, Grand Show)- she will be a valuable asset to our kennel.  She has a sweetheart of a personality and is gorgeous in looks and confirmation.  Breeze is a grand show champion.
Breeze's Top Side:
Sire:  GRNTCH GRCH Parker's Reverend Red
Grand-Sire:  NTCH CH Wright's Timber Hoss
Great-Grand Sire:  Blackman's Red Hobo
Great-Grand Dam:  Attaway's Kate
Grand-Dam:  Taylor's Burr Oak Red Rose
Great-Grand Sire:  Lollar's River Ranger
Great-Grand Dam:  Jones' River Roxie
Breeze's Bottom Side:
Dam:  GRNTCH GRCH Fireball's Little Hattie
Grand Sire:  NTCH Melton's My Dog Fireball
Great-Grand Sire:  GRNTCH Melton's Red Fireball
Great-Grand Dam:  Melton's Red Lady
Grand Dam:  Melton's Red Belle
Great-Grand Sire:  GRNTCH Oklahoma's Red Charlie
Great-Grand Dam:  Melton's Red Pam