Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones


CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's Hocus Pocus AKA WITCH
Witch is off of Razor (obviously) and Breeze.  She has an awesome dual purpose pedigree.  Her sire, Razor is a Dual Grand Champion (Hunt & Show) and her mother is off of two Dual Grand Champions & is a coondog herself so we expect Witch to be a dual purpose hound.
HUNT FLASH:  All I can say is -- it's just bred into her!!  What an awesome dog!!  Witch is all over a caged coon.  She will bark her head off-- she will fight- she will tree. . . she's 5 months old!!  She's going to be a natural.  It's been that way since she was just weeks old and we introduced the pups in her litter to a coonhide-- she's GOT it!!  We couldn't be more pleased!! 

An every breath tree dog, here's Witch at 7 months working on a caged coon!

Let me tell you about Witch.  First of all, I will say that this was a tough litter to "choose" from.  It was an extremely nice litter and although I knew we wanted to keep a girl, WHICH girl was entirely a different matter.  Each one had her own personality and each had things that would make them a very nice addition to any kennel.  I graded the puppies out at 8 weeks old and there were two that graded out highest- Witch and Ghost. 
We also did several "nose" tests to see what kind of nose the puppies had early on and which ones were more prone to "use" their nose- of the girls, there were two that showed exceptional nose- Witch and Punkin. 
In personality, there were three girls that would go investigate every place you put them and that were never laying down resting but always trying to see what disaster they could cause~ that was Ghost, Witch and the little female who was originally called "Witch" and became known as "Little Witch". 
Finally, there was that ONE puppy that would just follow Rob to the shed as he was preparing coonhides for the sell and would pop up on her back legs, grab hold of the hanging fur with her front and just tree her little heart out.  Big loud mouth-- already extremely tree minded-- again, that was Witch. 
In the end she made SURE we understood that she was the pup for us.  We are very very pleased with her and believe she will be a dual purpose dog that will do great things. 
Congratulations to the following folks who took home (or were shipped) equally nice puppies out of this amazing cross:
Bill Talley~ Jonesboro, AR~ with "Boo"
Justin Freudenberger~ Bryan, OH~ with "Tank"
Gary & Carol House~ Illipolis, IL~ with "Master Zeke"
Justin & Brittany Smith~ Salt Lake City, UT~ with "Chopper"
Karen Aguilo-Seara~ Rockledge, FL~ with "Molly Ann"
Tina Knapik~ Mays Landing, NJ~ with "Trixie"
Jeff & Ronna Bailey~ Waldron, IN~ with "Punkin"

Witch's Top Side:
Sire:  GRNITECH GRCH Key's Outlaw Razor Red
Grand-Sire:  Thomas' Mo Bruiser
Great-Grand Sire:  Turpin's KS Thunder (NITECH Henning's Red Chief)
Great-Grand Dam:  Burke'r Red Cricket (NITECH Henning's Red Chief)
Grand- Dam:  Marcum's KY Molly
Great-Grand Sire:  GRNITECH Hurst's Honest Amos
Great-Grand Dam:  NITECH Dean's Little Red Ruby
Witch's Bottom Side:
Dam:  GRCH Lee's Red Hot Breeze
Grand-Sire:  GRNITECH GRCH Parker's Reverend Red
Great-Grand Sire:  NITECH Wright's Timber Hoss
Great-Grand Dam:  Taylor's Burr Oak Red Rose
Grand-Dam:  GRNITECH GRCH Fireball's Little Hattie
Great-Grand Sire:  NITECH Melton's My Dog Fireball
Great-Grand Dam:  Melton's Red Bell


GRCH 'PR' Lee's Red Hot Breeze ~ Witch's Dam

GRNITECH GRCH AKC NITECH 'PR' Key's Outlaw Razor Red ~ RAZOR~ Sire to Witch!