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'PR' Tree Rizin' Tag- You're It!

Due to family reasons, Rob & I have decided to cut our kennel of dogs down considerably. 
1)  At this time- we have a 2 yr old broke male for sale that is ready for the hunts NOW & will be a contender in EVERY cast.  He is SHARP & we've raised him from a pup.  He is TOP NOTCH!  Out of GRNTCH GRCH Razor X GRCH Hood- DNA- VIP & 60% fixed traits.  SERIOUS INQUIRES ONLY!  ** SEE DEACON'S PAGE **
2)  14 mo old male- off Sweet & Legend- has had an early age kill season on him & runs track with a HUGE bawl mouth and will tree with a bawl- turning into a chop.  He is ballistic on a coon & he is GORGEOUS.  Dark color, 26" at the shoulder & is DNA- VIP!  Price negotiable. ** SEE TAG'S PAGE **
3) 8 1/2 mo old male- been to the woods 9 times & has treed each time out- has ran & treed the last two times & has split treed twice.  Was started @ 5 months old.  He has a real nice mouth.  He is out of GRNTCH GRCH Razor X GRCH Trippy (who has a 2nd in the timber).  $1000  ** SEE DEUCE'S PAGE **
4)  8 wk old male pup (will be ready after July 4th) out of GRNTCH GRCH Razor X NTCH Dixie.  Nice pedigree out of two nice working dogs.  $400
5) 1 1/2 yr old female- out of GRNTCH GRCH Razor X GRCH Breeze (GRNTCH GRCH Reverend Red X GRNTCH GRCH Fireball Hattie).  Very nice hound- has been treeing & split treeing her OWN coon since 12 mths old.  Nice big build.  Leading Purina Redbone Show Dog of the Year race.  NICE dual purpose hound.  **Available on a co-own arrangement with breeder's contingiencies**  **SEE BOO'S PAGE**
Give us a call @ (937) 839-0051 or after 9 PM or weekends @ (937) 336-1997 so that we can best find the dog to match to your needs.

'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor II (Deuce)