Royal Diary Pg 4

December 20, 2008:
The puppies are almost 9 wks old.  They are amazing and I am so pleased with them.  They have grown by leaps and bounds.  Wyatt has went to his co-own home, Gary Ricklefs, Jr this morning.  Here's pix of the other 6.

Ajax (now Chase), Gunnar, Baron, Kane, Kalen (now Chaos) and Dutchess (now Honor)

December 27, 2008:
My boys are growing up so quickly.  They are 10 wks old now.  They are super super outgoing!  Today was such a beautiful day-- it was 67 degrees today!!!  The babies got outside and enjoyed a nice playday and then took bench pix -- which was not nearly as exciting for them as the playing part! :)


January 10, 2009:
My babies are getting so big!!!  They are 12 wks old now and they are still wowing me!  I couldn't be more pleased with the consistency of this cross. 

All of the puppies in this breeding are spoken for now and I am pleased to report that 5 out of 7 will be retained in some way by Tree Rizin'.  I am keeping Chase (formerly Ajax) and Kane (formerly Kalen) here at Tree Rizin'.  I am retaining co-ownership on three of the puppies:  Gunnar (formerly Gunnar!) and Diego (formerly Wyatt) as well as the lone female Honor (formerly Dutchess).
Only two of the puppies will go out on full ownerships:  Cletus (formerly Baron) and Nitro (formerly Kane).  Nitro is going to my good friend Joanne so I will still have easy access to him should we need it in the future. 
It won't be long before Cletus and Nitro drop off of the weekly pix.  Cletus will go to his new home at the end of the month and I expect Nitro to head up to Maine any time now.  But- I will still periodically add photos of these two and the co-owned babies as I receive those pix.
Otherwise, expect pix of Chase and Kane to be updated very frequently.  I am trying to keep a weekly photo diary of their growth.
In the photo below, also notice the last photo is of the Royal Gang's "niece" Hailey- who is an AWESOME puppy out of the Royal heir's full older sister Crown & sired by their 1/2 uncle, Rock It.  I am picking up Hailey's littermate brother tomorrow (Chaos) and you can look for new pix of Chaos to be added to the Wee Ones collection tomorrow.

My Dutch & Trippy Babies @ 12 wks old (plus their "older" niece, Hailey out of their big sis, Crown)

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