My New Baby Girl Blossom & her new redbone buddy, Nitro!

Blossom stacked (and peeking at the camera) @ 4 mths old

Meet Miss Blossom!!  She's my new AKC/UKC all breed show prospect.  Flown in from the Big Apple (NY), she is everything I was looking for and more.  She is a joy to have and a character!  She is fitting right into our family and our lives.  We ALL love her.... even the coonhunter! :P
Watch here as Blossom grows up and we learn together what it's like to present a Lhasa Apso to the show world.
Below are pix of her parents, Tuff & Opal, doing what they do best!

Photo Credits to Absosengkye Lhasa Apso's
Blossom's parents Tuff (on the left) and Opal (on the right)

Another stacked pic of Blossom @ 4 mths old-- gorgeous baby girl!

Below you will find Blossom's pedigree.  I have been diligently digging through Lhasa pedigrees to add more and more to hers.  For some legs of the pedigree, I can now go back many generations past what is listed here but I am including a 6-generation pedigree here.  I still have some work to do to complete this 6 generation pedigree and the **** indicate areas I still need to fill in.
You will find all of the SHOW TITLED dogs listed in RED.  As you can see, Blossom has a solid VERY NICE Show pedigree that will work wonderfully in a breeding program someday should we venture down that road.
The more I study about Blossom's lines, the more pleased I am to own such a wonderful girl.

Absosengke Watch Me Blossom CH Lucas' Tuff Enuff CH Redfox How Do Ya Like Me Now CH Ta Sen Victory Peyote CH Barker's Delirious AM CAN CH Misti's Play It Again Sam Misti Acres Sailor
CH Misti's Shesa Ladi
CH Barker's Bear Essence CH Light Up's Red Alert
CH Barker's Sheer Elegance
CH Ta Sen Victory Tip Toe CH Kinderland Ta Sen Tip O'The Rock CH Orlane's Scirocco ROM 47
CH Kinderland Ta Sen Candy Tuft
CH Victory's Sugar Rock Candy  CH Orlane's Scirocco ROM 47
 CH Samar's Sugar Is Sweet
CH Red Fox's Star O'Ebony Bear CH Royale's Prince Ready Bear CH Light Up's Red Alert  CH ENG CH Orlane's Intrepid
 Light Up's Soda's My Pop
CH Tikal's Miss Cinn-A-Mon-Bear  Jaro's Apache War Dancing Bear
 Tikal Tara Huss's Tyren Misti
CH Ebony Shades O' Twinkle Bear BISS CH Bosland's Up N Ready  CH Light Up's Red Alert
 CH Bosland's Carbuf's LTD Edition
BISS CH Tikal's Twinkle Bear  CH Light Up's Red Alert
 CH Tikal Tara Huff's Tyrin
CH San-Dhi's Splish Splash O'Lucas Charlet's Adrift A Dream CH Charlet's Time To Be Me ****  ****
****  ****
Charlet's Time To Party Parti ****  ****
****  ****
San-Dhi's High On Magic AM MEX INT CH San-Dhi's Lite N Up CH Kinderland Ta Sen San-Dhi IRoc  BISS AM CAN CH Orlane's Sirrocco
 CH Kinderland Ta Sen Candy Tuft
CH San-Dhi's Lil Boogie Bear  CH Light Up's Red Alert
 CH Barker's Sheer Elegance
San-Dhi's Fashion Update CH Kinderland Ta Sen San-Dhi IRoc  BISS AM CAN CH Orlane's Sirrocco
 CH Kinderland Ta Sen Candy Tuft
CH San-Dhi's High Fashion N'Magic  CH Hylan Hoshira  Starlite Express
 San-Dhi Joyslyn So Much Magic

Josel's Opal Essence

(Currently being shown & Pointed)

Josel's Root'n Toot'n Cowboy CH Knolwood's My Guy Friday CH Bosland's Boun-Cee Bear CH Light Up's Red Alert  AM ENG CH Orlane's Intrepid
 Light Up's Soda's My Pop
CH Mokiema Bosland Lady Bug  CH Mokiema's Grab The Gusto
 CH Mokiema Berano's Honeybee
CH Knolwood's Ivy League CH Knolwood's Mellow Fellow  CH Sulan's Master Blend
 CH Knolwood's Frost O The Pumpkin
CH Hope-Ful's Best Hollibear-E  CH Hope-Full's Happy Hour
 CH Hope-Full's Heir To Be
Bruce's Love Of Joannie CH Knolwood's The Love of Mike CH Knolwood's Tom Tru Tu  CH Tom Lee Manchu of Knolwood
 CH Knolwood's Ama Lili Lucy Tu
CH Knolwood's Golden Tassel  CH Tom Lee Manchu of Knolwood
 CH Samara's Knolwood Kharisma
Bruce's Jo-Lee Blonde CH Ar-Ron Pretty Boi O' Ky Ken  Everglo Sonny Boy O' Ar-Ron
 CH Ky-Ken Crystal Gail
Bruce's Little Blondie  CH Golden Rule's Char-Lee Brown
 Darno Cachet Lynnie
Josell's Fall'n Head Over Heels Seneca's Tonkawa Tanner James Polomcean Peggy's Golden Harley  Shamrock's Chicklette
 Shamrock's Nancy
Peggy's Golden Tippy  Bokay's Little Nipper
 Patty's Golden Girl II
Meranda Lynn Polomcean Jay's Hawaiian Buddy Jr Jays Hawaiian Buddy
 Jays Tasha Lynn
Nata Damulis  Sir Alvin Farnsworth
 Sweet Susie Bee
Tewa Bear The Bearer Del Rio Choco Dust  Talbot's Gizmo
 Penelope XXX
Royces Ming Toi of Goetz  Ralda's Golden Nugget
 Royce's Royal Kismet
Breanna Bear Lord Maxwell of Oxford  Bandit of Beechknoll
 Lady Lollipop IV
Lady Muffin Mouse of Oxford  Lord Maxwell of Oxford
 Gilygot's Galloping Gussy
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