Call Name:  Parker
Date of Birth:  March 7, 2011
UKC & AKC Registered
Sire:  2005 UKC World Show Champion
GRWCH GRFCH GRCH 'PR' Only In America (Dutch)
Dam:  National Grand Show Champion
GRCH 'PR' America's Virginia Legacy (Ginny)
Breeder:  Dale & Laurie Young
Owners:  Rob & Katina Childers




Parker ~*!*~ at 5 Mths old ~*!*~

Parker's mother (2010 National Grand Show Champion Ginny) is sired by CCH GRWCH GRFCH GRCH 'PR' America's Patriot who is a Trippy son & who is bred by Tree Rizin'.  That makes Parker a Trippy Great-Grand daughter. =)
Parker's pedigree reads like a Who's Who in the redbone show world- including BOTH of her parents.  Dutch is the ONLY male UJC World Show Champion and Ginny is the only LIVING FEMALE Autumn Oaks National Grand Champion redbone.  The winning doesn't stop there.  The pedigree is packed full of winners.
Dutch has collectively pulled more wins than any redbone in the history of the breed, to the best of my knowledge.  He has won the Overall Show Dog of both American & National Redbone Days.  He won the breed Purina Race a few years in a row and won the overall Purina Race in 2005 AND just happens to be a World Show Champion to boot!
Gin has had her share of major wins as well including 2010 National Grand Champion (overall) and American & National Redbone Days Overall wins.
Other HIGHLY NOTABLE show hounds in the pedigree include Baloo (Bare Necessities) who also holds a National Grand title as well as National Red Days Overall (2 yrs running), and World Champion of breed and Trippy (Triple Crown) who is the matriarch of Tree Rizin' Redbones & who won National Redbone Days Overall as well as AKC & NKC World Champion Female Overall & UKC & ACHA World Champion Redbone.
Missy also adds in a World Champion Red Female title of her own & the winning just keeps on going in this pedigree!
We have very high expectations for Miss Parker who is named in honor of my daughter & son-in-law, Cassi & Zach Parker who are currently in US Army basic training.  Since Parker is a Dutch puppy and our kids are off serving our country, it seemed appropriate to give Parker a patriotic name.  We LOVE it!
In Parker's first weekend out, we finished her International puppy title.  She is now JA INT Champion.  We expect to, at minimum, finish her UKC show title to Champion before breeding her in the fall.  Right now, we believe we will be breeding Parker to CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Lord of the Ring (Chase) ~ who is a Trippy X Dutch son.  This will be a 1/2 brother, 1/2 sister cross by way of Dutch & Great-Uncle to niece cross on the bottom side.  VERY excited about this future breeding.

Pictured @ 8 wks old

'PR' Tree Rizin' American Solider

Reg. #: W225,249 UKC/ HP40015301 AKC
Name: Parker
Sex: Female
Breed: Redbone Coonhound
Whelp date: March 7, 2011

Breeder: Dale & Laurie Young
Owner: Rob & Katina Childers
Parents 2nd Generation 3rd Generation 4th Generation
WSHOWCH GRWCH GRFCH GRCH 'PR' Only In America NGRCH GRCH  Sidearm Bare Necessities GRCH Sidearm Kajun Ketchup Tidewater Max
Sidearm Creek Bottom Risky
CH Crystal's Scarlet Lady NITECH Red Dude Edger
Palmer's Ellymae
CH Sidearm Warrior Princess GRNITECH GRCH Parker's Reverend Red NITECH CH Wright's Timber Hoss
Taylor's Burr Oak Red Rose
GRCH Mobley's Scarlet Princess GRNITECH GRCH Comstock's Red Lightning
CH Cory's Red Southern Belle
NGRCH GRCH 'PR' America's Virginia Legacy CCH WCH GRFCH GRCH America's Patriot WSHOWCH GRWCH GRFCH GRCH 'PR' Only In America NGRCH GRCH 'PR' Sidearm Bare Necessities
CH 'PR' Sidearm Warrior Princess
GRCH  Tree Rizin' Triple Crown GRCH Fischer's Looney Lennie
GRCH Rev's Sierra's Red Queen
CGRCH GRCH OW's Sierra Legacy GRCH Hill's Sierra Red Hondo GRCH Hill's Sierra Red Gambler
WSHOWCH GRCH Hill's Sierra Red Queen
WCH GRCH Michigan Miss FCH GRCH Rev's Native Son
CH Miss KellyAnn Smith
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