Welcome to our NEW "PET" page.  This page is dedicated to informing a potential "companion home" of what may be in store for them.
Remember first that a redbone is a scent hound.  That means that they are directed by their NOSE- if they smell it- they will explore it.  Also, remember that they are bred to run & tree coon (raccoon) at night in the timber.  This means that by nature- they are excellent climbers and can fence without a moments notice.  Also- being a coonhound- they are bored easily.  If you do not have SOME sort of job for them to do-- they will FIND one!!  Not necessarily one of your choosing.
Although there ARE occasionally puppies in a litter that SHOULD go to a pet home- as a general rule- the ONLY reason that a litter should be bred is for the purpose it is intended- for hunt and show.  A dedicated breeder will never make "companion" crosses but will rather work hard to preserve and improve on an already successful foundation.  With that in mind, we never breed FOR companion redbones.  We breed for WORKING redbones:  HUNT, SHOW, WATER & FIELD TRIALING redbones.
Occasionally, we may have a puppy that we feel would be better suited for a pet home.  There could be a number of reasons that we have decided this ranging from conformation issues, to temperament (meaning more timid or lazy-- NEVER more rambunctious and "too" outgoing), it could be color (too much white), size (the runt in the litter) or any number or reasons that we feel that puppy is best suited for a pet home.  These puppies are in NO WAY inferior to their littermates- they are simply better suited as companions.   
We never take "pet deposits" on unborn litters and when we DO have a puppy, young dog or adult available to a qualified pet home- I will post it to this page & we will screen on a first come/first serve basis of qualified pet homes.  Our pet puppies generally start at $500.
IF the puppy has the potential to someday achieve it's championship show title- we will/may retain the right to help in accomplishing that feat.  Any puppy found to have a conformational or temperament fault will only be sold on an spay/neuter agreement. 
No puppy sold/adopted into a pet home should be used for breeding without our permission and MUST hold a minimum of show Champion title in order to be used for breeding.  Redbones are not a good choice for the "hobby" breeder- they are a working breed and great care should be taken to learn every aspect of the breed before "dabbling" into breeding these awesome scent hounds.  I can tell you MANY stories of folks that got a redbone as a companion and decided to breed it and found that they quickly had 4-5mth old and older puppies that they could not sell to save their life.  Many had to be given away.  Coonhunters DO NOT buy puppies from pet homes.  It just doesn't happen.  Companion redbones SHOULD be few & far between so the market is NOT there.
You should also be aware that coonhounds are not "high ticket" puppies so if proper campaigning is done, proper care is taken of the dogs and the litter- you will LOSE money on these hounds.  We do NOT breed for PROFIT-- we LOSE money every year on these hounds.  It is TRULY a LABOR OF LOVE!!!  We breed occasionally for ourselves first and foremost & puppies in excess help off set the cost of campaigning and caring for our dogs.  Entry fees and traveling costs are expensive.  Purchasing a good broke coonhound is VERY expensive, the wear & tear on a vehicle is expensive-- making sure the hounds have the best feed possible for their particular job (HUNT vs SHOW) is also expensive as is all of the necessary equipment to successfully campaign these dogs in the biggest possible venues.  Why do it then???  We do it because we enjoy showing the world what a good redbone looks like and how it performs in the timber!  It's become something that Rob & Kat enjoy together, it's something our family enjoys doing together and it has become one more way our family has bonded.
Occasionally, we will also place young adults or retired brood females into pet homes.  These dogs will only be offered to a pet home if they have proven themselves to have a temperment conducive to becoming a happy pet.  This is actually an advantage to the pet buyer over getting a "puppy".  Sometimes, puppies are hard to temperment test.  With an adult- you will know more what to expect.
Adults sold/placed will have the same provisions as above but will almost always have obtained their champion title prior to placement  and spay/neuter may be part of the agreement.
If you have any other questions, please feel free to click on our contact page & we look forward to hearing from you.

No puppies or adults available at this time. For future inquires, contact: Rob @ 937-336-1997 Kat @ 937-336-6010

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