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'PR' Tree Rizin' Born To Be Wild AKA Harley

~*~*~*~  UPCOMING STAR ~*~*~*~*

'PR' Tree Rizin' Born To Be Wild AKA HARLEY ~ 2002 US REDBONE DAYS~ BEST OVERALL DOG OF SHOW!!!  2002 National Redbone Days Best in Show Female- Saturday!!!!

Harley  is a 1 year old female off of Razor that is showing us everyday that she has the drive, the looks and the natural instinct to make a top dog.

She is a super nice looking specimen for our breed with nice tight cat feet and is balanced with a nice head.  She ALSO has a loud piercing mouth and her very first time ever seeing a coon- she bayed and barked her head off at it with a eagerness about her that really impressed us.

We've had Harley back since she was just turning 1 year old and in the few short weeks we've had her back, she has really come on in the woods.  She is running on track & tree and really has a natural hate for a coon.  We are very pleased and look forward to adding her into our program.  She's a typical quick starting Razor pup!

I will post pictures of Harley just as soon as I get some.  Check back often for updates on her progress.

~*~ FLASH ~*~ Harley now has 2 Best In Shows & Lacks just a few points to finishing to Champion.  We are deliberately holding this title back for her to take her to UKC's Biggest Event of the Year- Autumn Oaks as a registered Female.  Her win at US Redbone Days- winning Best Overall Dog of Show- is a huge win for a dog that has just started her show career.  We are very proud of this beautiful, tree minded Razor coondog!!