~Past Dogs~


Some of our proudest moments from dogs that have passed through our kennel!

One of my fave boys & 4th Generation Tree Rizin'
INT CH CCH CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Dark Hunter (Wrath)


GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Maine Edition~ aka~ Sydney is one of the nicest hounds that I have ever had the pleasure to handle.  She made a name for herself within the redbone community quickly and in high style.  She went from registered to grand show champion undefeated at all PURINA RACE events.  That's the biggest of the year for those not familar.  She won Purina Outstanding Redbone Show Dog of the Year last year (2008) and has much much more to accomplish in her show career.  She is going to be hitting the AKC show ring in 2010 and it is our hope that she will become an ambassador of the breed as AKC accepts the redbone coonhound into their midst.
Look in the coming weeks for pictures of the puppies we choose to keep out of Sydney's Dual-Sired litter.  We look forward to these puppies and a future puppy from Sydney to continue her legacy in our program.


Donna is one of the nicest Razor females out there bar none.  She was a great dog to own, to train & to campaign.  When we thinned back the kennel, Donna was bought by Bo Bennett who intends to use her in his program to help improve our breed.  It would have been awesome to continue on with Donna & work her towards her GRNTCH title- which was our goal but as life interferes sometimes, we didn't want to take anything away from Donna so thought it was in our best interests to move her where she could see her potential fulfilled. 


Tracker is & always will be my T-Rex baby!  He's one of the nicest males I've ever had the pleasure to handle on the bench and maybe the best ground dog I've ever handled.  He is out of T-Rex & Sweet.  Sweet has proven one of the best brood females I've ever had in my program.  Tracker has a powerful SUPER loud bawl mouth.  His biggest win was at 2007 Autumn Oaks where he took Champion Redbone Male in a class of exceptional hounds- including several that I bred.  He also won Best Male of Show at BBCHA Bluetick Days, Champion Male & Treehound's King of Show at US Redbone Days, Champion Male @ KY Youth & Ky State Championships.  He is now owned by Sam & Sabrina (pictured above) Smith of TN.  Sabrina & Sam have been busy giving Tracker a new job.  He's been hitting the water in 2008 and currently has his 1st place & 65 pts towards his water title.  We believe that Tracker could be dual titled by the end of '08!!  We are extremely proud of Tracker & Sam & Sabrina for getting him out there.  I STILL miss my boy!  He is proving nearly IMPOSSIBLE to replace!


Deacon is another awesome Razor kid.  He was born & raised in this kennel & finished to his Grand Show by Kat & his Nite Champion Hunting titles by Rob.  He will always be an intregate part of our program by way of frozen semen & by way of his current offspring.  We currently have 3 puppies out of Deacon.  Lace is out of his 1st litter.  Lace is NITECH now.  Timex & Kit are out of his 2nd litter.   Deacon is a powerhouse coondog and is GORGEOUS.  Click on Deacon's picture to read more about him.


Venus is one of the nicest dogs I've ever had the pleasure to show.  Her career is impeccable & it has been a great pleasure to have her in our kennel.  She is out of our GRNITECH GRCH AKC NITECH 'PR' Key's Outlaw Razor Red & GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Sweet Midnite Music and was born & raised in this kennel.  While being campaigned here- she has won at American Redbone Days, National Redbone Days, Southern Redbone Days and has won at Autumn Oaks two years in a row.  She is awesome in every respect.  Venus is now owned by Kim & Kance Causey of Oregon.

CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Midnite Cinderella (Cindy) (DNA-VIP) Another Sweet Gal!

Cindy is an amazing dog.  She is one of the nicest pups in her litter in my opinion.  She has looks, brains, personality plus and is just an asset all the way around.  Cindy has had much success at Tree Rizin' and is a littermate to Tag & Sweet Pea.  Cindy's Major Wins include:
2004 Southern Redbone Days Best In Show Female- Both Days
2004 Hoosier State Championship Champion Female & Queen of Show
2004 American Redbone Days Champion Of Champions Female
2004 US Redbone Days Champion Female & Queen of Show
2004 UKC World Qualifier Champion Female
Cindy now lives in UT & it was a very tough decision for me to let her go.  She was not for sale at the time but the guy that bought Cindy was LOOKING for her.  He had been for a long while & I knew that what he was looking for was sitting in my kennel.  I eventually let him talk me out of her & then spent the next couple of weeks trying to talk HIM out of her until she finally left. <G>  Cindy is in great hands though and will see much success in UT. 

GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor Tuff (Tuff)

Tuff is one of our grand babies.  He is out of a GRCH female out of Alton Key's NITECH Pearl and GRNITECH Jake by GRCH Levi- who is a littermate brother to Deacon off of our GRNITECH GRCH Razor & GRCH Hood shown above.  Some of Tuff's wins at Tree Rizin' include:
2004 Indiana Cabin Fever Classic Champion Male
2003 Indiana State Champion Male
2003 Indiana Governors Cup Champion Male
2003 NRCHA Redbone Sectional Best In Show Male
2003 National Youth Championship Best of Breed Male

GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Sweet Midnite Music (DNA-P)

This is Sweet and Ben.  Sweet is the mother to some of the nicest pups to come out of our kennel.  She is a full littermate sister to Ruger.  Sweet proves that dynamite comes in small packages when she opens up that BIG OLE BAWL MOUTH!  She is the mother to VENUS and Tag & Cindy AND Tracker pictured above.  Sweet's claim to fame is most definitely the offspring that she has produced but she also had some nice wins herself.
 Some of Sweet's bigger wins included:
2003 UKC Winter Classic Best Redbone Female of Show
2002 Indiana Christmas Classic Best In Show Female

GRCH 'PR' Sidearm Lil' Red Ridin' Hood (DNA-P) -- HOOD

Hood was one of my first "National" contenders in the show ring.  She had already seen great success before coming to me.  Here is a list of her major wins:

2001 UKC/Pedigree #3 Top Redbone Bench Dog of the Year
2002 Winter Classic Grand Champion Redbone Female
2001 Indiana Christmas Classic Grand Champion Female
2001 Kentucky State Champion of Champions Female
2001 BBCHA (Bluetick Fall Round Up) Champion of Champions Female
2001 ACHA World Championship Best Redbone of Show

With her previous owner, Hood took these major wins:

2001 4 States Cystic Fibrosis Queen of Show
2001 American Heritage Best in Show
2000 Autumn Oaks Best Redbone Female of Show

Hood is the mother to Deacon and the grandmother to Deacon's daughters, Timex and Kit Kat.


WCH GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Tag You're It!

Tag is a littermate to Cindy out of Sweet & GRCH Sampson Hill Vindicated Legacy.  I owned both of his parents when he was bred and Tag & Cindy were my keepers.  While we owned Tag he took some nice wins.  Some of the biggest were:  Winter Classic Puppy Male, Youth National Junior Male & then he went out with a bang winning Champion Male & King of Show at US Redbone Days.  Tag's real 'claim to fame' came once my good friends, Dave & Joanne Doliber took the reigns.  Dave & Joanne have started and finished Tag to Water Champion and are currently working towards his Grand Water title.  They also finished him to GRCH on the bench and I look forward to seeing Tag bred to my Crown female someday.  Joanne will raise that litter and it will put some awesome hounds and a lot of Tree Rizin' history together.  Click Tag's picture and you can read more about what he is doing over at Sampson Hill Sierra Redbones!

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