Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones


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Coon Pics


This page is dedicated to Rob and the huntin' dogs. It is a parade of photos of coon put up, getting ready to sell, skinned out- what have you. This is what owning a coonhound is all about. Allowing them to learn & do what they were bred to do. Rob is a pleasure hunter at heart and still believes that if you are gonna kill a coon- you should use the fur.

Star and Razor


Coon EVERYWHERE!! Getting them ready for the sale.

Coon Bustin' Kennels

ABOVE: This is a photo of Rob with Jeff Bowman's Coonbustin' Chuck and some of his coon catch. Chuck is a Treeing Walker. You can click on his photo above to see Jeff's Website for Coon Bustin' Kennels.

Grading Coon

Rob putting the finishing touches on some of this year's coon and grading them out for the sale.

Miss Kadie

This is Lil Miss Kadie sitting on top of the dog box which is filled with coon going to be sold. Isn't she just the most ADORABLE coonhunter you've ever seen in your life?