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Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones

Welcome to our new website!!

About Us (Rob & Katina Childers):

Rob has been hunting for over 23 years. Has been addicted to coon hunting since that first time out. He was a bluetick man until he met me (Katina) & I fell in love with the redbone breed.

We drove from Western Ohio to close to Tex-Arkana to buy our first pair of redbones & have been hooked since. We've made his love for coon hunting something that we can share together and as a family. We enjoy showing the dogs on the bench and in the woods and are very proud of the line we have now.

Coonhunting has become one of three things that truly bound our marriage. The other two are our Faith in the Lord and our children.

Between the two of us, we have 5 children (Kadie (ours- age 2), Cassi (10) and Courtney B. (7) {hers} and Courtney M (12) and Dakota (10) {his} and currently have several redbone coonhounds including  {Razor (5), Ruger (2), Star (2), Hood (2) and Trippy (1). 
Our new pride N Joy's are the "puppies" of our main clan and they include:  Rooster (Razor X Star), Gunner (Ruger X Vixen), Scandal (Ruger X Hood), Deacon (Razor X Hood) and Daisy (Razor X Pearl).

We are members of the West Alek Community Christian Church in Ohio.

~Working Together~
We truly believe that the key to a successful marriage and/or relationship is your Faith in the Lord and finding something to bring you together as one. The coonhounds have done that for us.

Rob is the hunting force behind us and has done a tremendous job with Razor in the hunts.  Razor is the 2001 National Redbone Days Dog of Hunt & also has named 2001'2 Purina Outstanding Redbone of the Year.  I'm really proud of Rob on his success with Razor.  Rob is a pleasure hunter at heart - that's where his passion lies so to hit the nitehunts most weekends is quite a chore but he is doing our breed proud.

I (Katina) am our show person. For 2001, I finished Star & Anvil both to Grand Show, finished Jiffy & Roxie to show champion in 4 shows, finished Ruger to CH with 3 Best in Shows, finished a redbone male (littermate to Anvil) owned by a gentleman out of Missouri with 5 wins for 5 shows to make GRCH and then finished Hood to Grand Champion.   
I won US Redbone Day Best Overall Dog of Show, Indiana Christmas Classic & 2002 Winter Classic CH of CH redbone with Ruger, finished Hood to #3 Overall Redbone Pedigree Show Dogs for 2001, won KY State CH of CH female, BBCHA Fall Round Up CH of CH female & 2002 Winter Classic GRCH redbone to name just a few.  Ruger was the NKC World Champion redbone male & Hood was the ACHA World Champion redbone female for 2001.  Keep in mind, Hood was not shown at the NKC World & Ruger was not shown at the ACHA World.

I (Katina) am a licensed UKC and AKC Bench Show Judge. My goal in becoming a judge is to become known as someone that ANYONE can win under on ANY given day provided their DOG is the best dog CONFIRMATION WISE on that day. Too often in a show, the best dog loses out to either the judges club "buddy" or to a "showier" dog that just stacks prettier regardless of whether it meets the confirmation to make it all night long in the woods or not. I plan to change that. The confirmation standards were created for a reason- to help breeders reproduce the best possible sound solid redbones (or coonhounds)they can-- of course, you must start with good confirmation, excellent ability and a heart to want to do the job- if that is what you are breeding for- whether a pleasure hunter or a competition hunter- you won't go wrong.
If you need a bench judge in IN or OH or at any of the major events, please feel free to contact me.

Our priority is to produce DUAL PURPOSE coondogs!  We want our pups to be able to make it in the woods & on the bench and this is what we strive for.

One thing that we have noticed is that when I work with a young dog on the bench early on that when it's time to concentrate on the woods, the dog is much better mannered. He/she knows how to lead, knows how to gait on one side without crossing over and knows how to load. Rob says now that he'd much rather work a dog in the woods that I've worked on the bench first than not. It's truly a team effort.


Here is a photo of Rob and Razor with some of their winnings from National Redbone Days.  Razor won Overall High Scoring Redbone of Hunt for 2001 bringing in 3 cast wins.  Not pictured here:  75 lbs of Purina dog food & a Purina Custom Jacket.
For 2002- Katina Won Overall Best Dog of Show at National Redbone Days with Ch 'PR' Tree Rizin' Triple Crown.  Pictures to be posted soon.


This is a photo of Rob and I in front of the dock where we ate in South Carolina while at the Purina Banquet.  We had an AWESOME weekend.

We feed, recommend and offer:


After trying the rest, we have stuck with the best.  PKC dog food has maintained our dogs better than any of the other leading foods on the market.  The dogs have beautiful coats, great hunting drive and there is extremely less mess to clean up.  The dogs digest the food so well that it takes less feed and the dogs love it.  Visit the PKC website by clicking the picture above.
Tree Rizin' Redbones is proud to offer PKC food as the exclusive line for our kennel.  We are now an authorized dealer of this high quality food as well so if you live close by, give us a call & we would be happy for you to give it a try.

The Superglue that bonds us together. . . Miss Kadie


Photos & information found on any of our pages will be updated often.

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This is a photo of our UKC GRNITECH GRCH AKC NITECH 'PR' Outlaw Razor Red. No- he is not "mean" at all- he is just a super impressive tree dog.  Not a bit mean or grawly in the box, on the tree or with the kids. 
Razor has earned the right to be "KING" in our kennel.  He is the 2001 Ralston Purina Outstanding Redbone of the Year and 2001 National Redbone Days Best Overall Dog of Hunt.  He is a credit to our breed and our kennel.  We are very fortunate to own such a fine hound.

~*~*~ IN A NUTSHELL ~*~*~

ON RAZOR:  Razor completed his GRNITECH title at the Regional Qualifying Event in Shelbyville, IN.  His win at the RQE makes him eligible for the 2002 UKC World Championship.  
Razor also finished #1 redbone in the Purina race and 6th place overall for all coonhound breeds. 
FLASH:  Razor finishes his GRCH title to make him a UKC DUAL GRAND! 
ON HOOD:  Hood won Grand Champion Redbone at the 2002 UKC Winter Classic and took #3 Redbone Show Dog of the Year in Pedigree's Top Ten Show Dog competition for 2001. 
ON RUGER:  Ruger won Champion male at the 2002 UKC Winter Classic in Albany, GA, Grand Champion male at the BBCHA Bluetick Spring Hunt in Ashland, OH and is currently leading Redbone for 2002 Top Show Dogs of the Year.  He was also named 2001 Best Overall Dog of Show at US Redbone Days & for 2002- He won King of Show at US Days.
ON TRIPPY:  Trippy is the 2002 NKC World Championship Best in show Female, NKC World Champion Redbone & NKC World Champion Opposite Sex Overall. 
Trippy's wins towards UKC Grand Champion include:
Best in Show~ BBCHA FallRoundUp Ashland, OH
CH Fem~ BBOA Ohio ST Championship Paulding, OH
CH Fem~ American Redbone Days Henry, IL
CH Fem~ National Redbone Days Greensburg, KY (2 days)
CH Fem~ Kentucky Houndmen Benefit Stanford, KY
Trippy also won Best Overall Dog of Show at National Redbone Days & at the Kentucky Houndsmen Benefit Show.
ON STAR:  Now in the hunts, Star is proving to hold her own.  She now has a 5th & 2nd in UKC and a 1st place in NKC.  We look forward to finishing her to NITECH soon.
ON ROOSTER:  Rooster is our young hunting prospect off of Razor X Star.  I just began benching him & in just 2 weekends- with 3 Best In Shows under 3 different judges- all with competition- Rooster made CHAMPION! 
ON HARLEY:  Harley was just named 2002 US Redbone Days Best Overall Dog of Show.  She also won Best in Show Female at the 2002 National Redbone Days in Greensburg, KY.  She now has 2 Best in Shows and is on her way to Champion. 

God Bless & Keep 'Em Red!