Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones


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PuPPy PaGe N WHaTs 4 SaLe

~ Puppy Pics ~

L to R: Scandal, Deacon, Clyde Front: Fievel
Scandal & Clyde (RugerX Hood), Deacon (Razor X Hood), Fievel (Razor X Annie)


Above is a photo of a Razor pup by Tony Hunley's Lady female of Green River Kennels.  This pup is 6 1/2 months old in the above photo.  Sure looks like it's makin' a tree dog to me.  Congrats Tony!!

'PR' Trailyn Enduring Justice AKA Moose- Owned by Tracy Davidson Ruger X Vixen

'PR' Wildcliffs Razor Cut Genes AKA Levi owned by Tracy Spillane (Razor X Hood)

~*~ AT STUD INFO ~*~

Razor & Ruger are both currently at public stud. Any female to be bred must be a UKC registered redbone & must come with a negative brucellosis test.

Razor's stud fee is currently $300. Ruger's is $250. We reserve the right to make stud arrangements by private treaty. Return service if notified within 63 days.
Also available, FRESH SHIPPED SEMEN.  The cost for shipping semen in an approved container, collection & semen testing is around $125.00 and is absorbed by the buyer.  This will be in addition to your vet charges for the Artificial Insemination.  The shipping container must be unharmed & must be returned to the collector after the AI is complete.

We have a few young dogs off of Razor that we are very excited about right now.  They are doing excellent in the woods and showing great promise.  None are "advertised" for sale but if you are looking for a young dog that is started and going and intend to campaign a young prospect, you might give us a call and see if we have one for you. 


Above:  Miss Kaden Cheyenne (our ALMOST 3 YR old) with "Pluto" from our "Planet Themed" litter off of Ruger X Rose.



Puppy that was advertised has been sold.  Congratulations James & Rita!!
We have 3 upcoming litters that will likely be our last for 2002.
Two are sired by our GRNITECH GRCH AKC NITECH Razor Red.  Razor has put a mark on the redbone breed that will be remembered.  He was the 2001 Purina Outstanding Redbone of the Year and 2001 National Redbone Days Best Overall Dog of Hunt.  He had 23 cast wins last year and will go down in history as our best dog to date.  He is Double Henning's Chief bred with a shot of Woody Woodpecker & Turpin breeding.  He is from a family of winners and reproducers.  If you would like more information on his line, feel free to contact me or read his webpage.
Due Sept 22nd is 'PR' Tree Rizin' Priceless Penny.  Penny is a 65-70 lb coondog.  She makes an excellent kill dog and loves what she does best!  She is a deep color of red and looks much like my old Annie female.  I will post photos of Penny soon.  She is Tao River/Fireball II bred directly out of 'PR' Guinn's Lead III and CH 'PR' Wray VA Red Put Em Up Polly.  Her puppies are priced at $300.00.
Due Sept 23rd is GRCH 'PR' Sidearm Lil' Red Ridin' Hood.  Hood placed 3rd in the Top Ten Standings for redbone show dogs in 2001.  She has won honors at Autumn Oaks, Winter Classic, Four States Cystic Fibrosis, American Heritage, ACHA World, Kentucky State and Bluetick Days among others.  She is a gorgeous female out of GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Lee's Redhot Dusty and 'PR' Sidearm Creek Bottom Risky.  These puppies from Hood and Razor will be DNA-VIP parentage for proof positive parentage.  They are priced at $350.00.
Our last litter for 2002, we believe- will be out of our GRCH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Sidearm Red Ruger.  If you know our kennel, than you have seen me with my gorgeous dark male at the big shows- that is Ruger!  He is the current leader for 2002 Pedigree Top Redbone Show Dog of the Year and is running 2nd over all breeds.  He was named 2001 US Redbone Days Best Overall Dog of Show & 2002 Indiana Christmas Classic Best Overall Dog of Show & has won honors as Winter Classic, NKC World, Bluetick Days and more.
Ruger was bred to the 1998 UKC World Champion Redbone GRCH 'PR' Rev's Sierra Red Queen.  Queen also won Best Overall Redbone at the Top Ten Premiere that same year.  She has won honors at Autumn Oaks and American Heritage to name a few.  She has also placed in PKC hunts and has PKC money won.  She is a looker and a coondog off of World Show Champion GRCH 'PR' Hill's Sierra Red Queen and GRNITECH GRCH 'PR' Parker's Reverend Red.  Hill's Queen is the only redbone to ever win the UKC World Show overall and Reverend Red was named the 1996 Purina Outstanding Redbone of the Year in the hunts & won 1996 World Champion Redbone for the Hunt AND the Show.  He won that show title FOUR years in a row.
This cross of Ruger & Queen is an aunt/nephew cross off of Reverend Red and should produce true DUAL PURPOSE pups.  They will be DNA-VIP eligible and are priced at $350.00.  Queen is due Sept 27, 2002.

When sending a deposit, please include information on sex you are booking as well as any information that will allow us to help make sure you get the perfect pup for you. For tracking purposes, we would also like to know your intentions with the pup: i.e. pleasure hunting, competition hunting, showing, pet/companion.

Special Note: Please remember that pups will be ready to go around 8 weeks of age (give or take, breeder discression). Reservation of your pup gives you priority as far as number of males/ females in the litter and to whom they will go to-- it does NOT ensure you "PICK" of the litter. For that, you will either need to come up and pick out your puppy before they are ready to go or trust our knowledge to pick the right puppy for you. Puppies are given on a first come, first serve basis otherwise. Deposits are forfeited should you not pick up your puppy when ready.

Pups can not be shipped before 8 weeks of age (airline requirement). Our fee for doing the shipping & handling is $60. All costs of shipping are paid by buyer & are separate from the puppy sale.  This includes:  airline fee ($170), vet certificate ($30) (airline required), the shipping crate (see below) & handling charges.

I currently use Delta PetFirst shipping services out of either Dayton, OH or Cincinnati, OH. The cost to most anywhere in the US is right at $170 (after all of their wonderful taxes) if pup is shipped in a small or medium crate. I suggest (but don't require) a medium kennel as it can be used for potty training when the pup gets home. Medium kennels at the airline are around $65 or around $40 if I can find one at a local Wal-mart. You are welcome to UPS me a crate of your own for about $3-4 and that will save you from having me purchase one at the airline. All fees must be paid before pup will be shipped. The airline will allow buyer to pay shipping expenses at pick up/  by credit card if you prefer. Pups must be picked up promptly at arrival time.

Also remember that there ARE weather restrictions in place by the airlines and specifically some of the airports. Temperatures below 20 degrees or above 85 are not allowed. If buying a winter pup or hot summer pup, please call or e-mail to discuss alternatives.

In some cases, we may be willing to meet part way for a reasonable fee or can deliver the pup if we are going to a major event.
If you are not satisified with your Tree Rizin' puppy, you are welcome to return it within 10 days of pick up for a full money back guarantee on the purchase price.