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Rooster- treed!

Introducing the FUTURE of Tree Rizin' Redbones. . . .

CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's True Grit AKA Rooster

FLASH:  Rooster made champion in 3 shows- all Best In Show- all with competition.  This was done in just two weekends under 3 different judges and none at our local club.  He is just 7 months old and we are very proud of him!!  The judges seem to like his size (he's a big boy) and his nice gait. 

Rooster got to practice today (6/1/2002) in Brazil, IN after the regular water race- in the water.  This was Rooster's first exposure to water and we really didn't know what to expect.  He did very well and swam across that pond to tree the coon just as a good dog should.  He's just 8 months old and on his way now to becoming a multi-purpose hound.

UPDATE:  Rooster ran, tracked & treed his first coon (alone) the other day.  He did a fine fine job and when he trees- you can REALLY hear him tree.  He is a BIG CHOP MOUTHED tree dog.  He is a stand up on the wood- grind his nails into the wood kind of tree dog. 


Rooster is the future to our kennel and will prove to be a great assess from early indications.  He is out of the 2nd cross of Razor X Star. After the reports on the first cross (and the fact that those pups couldn't be bought back) we were convinced that we needed to keep one out of this litter.  Rooster will hopefully turn out to follow in the footsteps of his parents and become our future stud dog.

Rooster's sire, Razor is one of the best redbone's going today. He is the 2001 Purina Outstanding Redbone of the Year and won National Redbone Days Best Overall Dog of Hunt with three back to back cast wins in three nights! He is exceptional and all of his wins to make GRNITECH were at big events. 

Star is Rob's current project. He plans to competition hunt her next year. To date, she has been in one licensed nitehunt where she took Queen of Hunt. This is an ultimate hunting cross and we hope that Rooster will capitalize on Razor's hunting style and drive while having a nose like Star's and a mouth like both!

Rooster's hunting progress is just phenominal!!  He is as exceptional as we had hoped he would be!  He is very close to following in the footsteps of his Uncle, Anvil- whom we also raised from a pup. 

He has been worked on a few caged coon & is now running & treeing at night with his daddy, Razor.  For a 7 month old pup, Rooster is a lock down treeing machine!  His progress is exciting and we look forward to every new hunt! 


~*~ Rooster's Pedigree~*~


Sire: Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch Key's Outlaw Razor Red 
Grand Sire: Thomas' Mo Bruiser (This dog was ONE heck of a reproducer) 
Great Grand Sire: Turpin's KS Thunder
Great Grand Dam: Burke's Red Cricket

Grand Dam: Marcum's Red Kentucky Molly
Great Grand Sire: GRNITECH Hurst's Honest Amos
Great Grand Dam: NITECH Dean's Little Red Ruby


Dam: Gr Ch Childers' Tree Rizin' Star
Grand Sire: Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch Key's Outlaw Jesse James
Great Grand Sire: Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch Amos' Burning Ben
Great Grand Dam: Gr Nite Ch Key's Outlaw Jessie

Grand Dam: Nite Ch Outlaw Belle Star
Great Grand Sire: Gr Nite Ch Gr Ch Outlaw Billy The Kid
Great Grand Dam: Lamine River Outlaw Mandy

Favorite Quote:

When the Lord closes a door, he opens a window!
When He took Anvil ~ he brought to us Rooster!