Childers' Tree Rizin' Redbones
~*~ STAR ~*~


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Here's a picture just recently taken of Star on the tree. Star entered her first nitehunt at a Redbone Sectional in West Harrison, IN and won Queen of Hunt!!! Not too bad for a then 15 month old! Pictured on the backside of the tree above is NITECH 'PR' Outlaw Belle Star, Star's mother.
FLASH:  Star has been in 3 licensed events this year.  In the first, she received a 5th place win (UKC), in the second, she placed 1st (NKC) and in the third, she placed 2nd (UKC).  She is on her way to making NITECH in two registries.  She is a fine fine hound that is growing within herself on each hunt.

Star's Greenville Win Pic
Star, Rob & Brent after placing 2nd place registered 5/22/02

Star has an exceptional pedigree that will compliment Razor or Ruger's pedigrees. Crossed with Razor or Ruger, there will be a variety that will combine Star's Outlaw breeding with Razor's Henning's Chief, Ramblin' Red Ace and Woodpecker breeding and Ruger's Henning's Chief, Ramblin' Red Ace and Reverend Red breeding. You make great dogs by starting with great dogs.


Star's Sire: GRNITECH GR CH Key's Outlaw Jesse James
Grand Sire: GRNITECH GRCH Amos' Burning Ben
Great Grand Sire: GRNITECH Hunter's Famous Amos
Great Grand Dam: CH GRNITECH Miller's Red Betsy

Grand Dam: GRNITECH Key's Outlaw Jessie
Great Grand Sire: CH GRNITECH Smith's Red Oak Mike
Great Grand Dam: GRNITECH Grave's Bear Creek Ruby


Star's Dam: NITECH Outlaw Belle Star
Grand Sire: GRCH GRNITECH Outlaw Billy The Kid
Great Grand Sire: GRNITECH GRCH Amos' Burning Ben
Great Grand Dam: GRNITECH Key's Outlaw Jessie

Grand Dam: Lamine River Outlaw Mandy
Great Grand Sire: NITECH CH Smith's Red Rowdy
Great Grand Dam: Crabtree Susie

*** A Few Notes *** When Star makes NITECH, she will produce a bottom side on her puppies of all dogs with hunting titles in the 3 generation pedigree.
On her top side and the top portion of her bottom side, all dogs that can actually qualify for the redbone hall of fame ARE Hall of Fame dogs.

Star Coon kill 2001/02

~In the WATER~
We have just begun exploring the idea of water races and have chosen Star & Rooster (her son) as two to begin working in the water.  Star is taking a liking to the water and is showing promise.  We expect to enter her into the water races this year and hope to do well. 
~ On the Bench ~
Star is a very nice looking hound who has become a pleasure to show on the bench. She made show champion in 4 shows and I finished her to GRAND SHOW CHAMPION on 03/10/01 at 13 months old!!

~ In the Woods ~
HUNT UPDATE:  Star has turned into a very nice solid coondog.  We are tickled with her and she is Rob's quest for the hunts in 2002.  He is going to start hunting her and see if he can get her NITECH'ed out soon.  She has an awesome powerfully loud mouth on her for a female & she is an honest first strike dog.  She can grub out a track that a lot of the older dogs can't even smell.  She has a great nose on her.  She's got what we believe is an excellent foundation of assets to carry on to her puppies which is why we kept Rooster ('PR' Tree Rizin' Razor's True Grit).  Rooster is 7 months old and already running and treeing with his mom and dad.
NOTE:  We have begun exploring the Field Trials & Star was entered into her 1st field trial where she came in a close 2nd (of 6) for line & tree.  We are tickled with her all the way around.  She is truly a multi-purpose hound.  We look forward to titling her as such.

 ~ PuPPieS PuPPieS~

Star has two litters of puppies on the ground by Razor.  The oldest cross was born 12/15/2000 and the most recent on 9/25/2001.  We received such awesome reports on the first cross that we made the cross a second time and kept a male (Rooster) for ourselves.  We expect him to the the future of Tree Rizin' Redbones as far as stud.
Star will likely be bred  again in the Spring or Fall of 2003.  She will be bred back to Razor for a third time.  This cross is proving to be a hunter's delight-- we won't change a thing!!