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Welcome to our Dutch X Trippy Journal. 
Here's a trip down memory lane.  The puppies in their first weeks.  Enjoy!
Here were tidbits as they grew.
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L to R: (Top Row) Diego, Cletus & Pheonix (Bottom Row): Trip, Kane, Honor & Nitro

October 20, 2008:
The puppies are here.  Trippy delivered her first puppy at 9:15 PM last night and was finished whelping by 8:50 AM this morning.  There are 6 males & 1 female- born in that order.  I am thrilled!  Birth weights ranged from 15 oz to 1#2 oz.  These are great weights.
October 22, 2008:
The little female is already barking!  Can you believe that?  She is clearly trying to get the pecking order down early.  With the help of my best friend, Joanne, the puppies now have a theme.  The lone female will be named Dutchess (intentionally spelled to honor her sire, Dutch) and for the boys, we've chosen names that mean various types of Warriors.
October 24, 2008:
The puppies are gaining weight very well and Trippy is a great mother.  Today's weights are:
Trip- 1 # 8 oz- up 6 oz from birth
Pheonix- 1# 4 oz- up 3 oz from birth
Cletus- 1# 6 oz- up 4 oz from birth
Nitro- 1# 6 oz- up 6 oz from birth
Diego- 1# 2 oz- up 3 oz from birth
Kane- 1# 6 oz- up 5 oz from birth
Honor- 1# 4 oz- up 5 oz from birth
Diego is also barking up a storm.
October 26, 2008:
Weights are still going strong.  Here's today's:
Trip- 1# 13 oz- up 11 oz
Pheonix- 1# 10 oz-up 9 oz
Cletus- 1# 11 oz- up 9 oz
Nitro- 1# 11 oz- up 11 oz
Diego- 1#5 oz- up 6 oz
Kane- 1# 9 oz- up 8 oz
Honor- 1 #8 oz- up 9 oz


When these babies grew up- their puppy names were replaced by their permanent names.  Here's who they were- and who they became:
Kane (White Collar)- became 'PR' Tree Rizin' Nite N Shining Armor (Nitro)
Ajax (Green Collar)- became 'PR' Howlin' Hills American Road Trip (Trip)
Baron (Orange Collar)- became 'PR' Tree Rizin' Cletus (Cletus)
Wyatt (Blue Collar)- became 'PR' Tree Rizin' River Ridge Diego (Diego)
Gunnar (Red Collar)- became 'PR' Tree Rizin' Firebrand Pheonix (Pheonix)
Kalen (Yellow Collar)- became 'PR' Tree Rizin' Natural Disaster (Kane)
Dutchess (No Collar)- became 'PR' Tree Rizin' Code of Honor (Honor)

October 31, 2008:
Almost all of the puppies have their eyes open now.  Baron doesn't have his open yet & Gunnar has only 1 open- all of the others are peeking into their new world.
Today's weights are:
Trip- 2# 4 oz
Pheonix- 2# 3 oz
Cletus- 2# 7 oz
Nitro- 2# 5 oz
Diego- 1# 13 oz
Kane- 2# 5 oz
Honor- 2# 1 oz
Diego is clearly the early runt while Cletus stands out as the big man on campus.  We like to see the puppies weighing in around 2 # by 2 wks old.  These babies are 12 days old and only Diego hasn't cleared the 2# mark yet.  That is excellent!


November 2, 2008:
The puppies are TWO weeks old today!!!  YAY!!  Remember- our goal for weights was 2# for each puppy.  Let's see how they are weighing in, shall we?
Trip- 2 # 7 oz ---> Up 1# 5 oz from birth
Pheonix- 2# 9 oz ---> Up 1# 8 oz from birth
Cletus- 2# 10 oz ---> Up 1# 8 oz from birth
Nitro- 2# 8 oz ---> Up 1# 8 oz from birth
Diego- 2# 2 oz ---> Up 1# 3 oz from birth
Kane- 2# 9 oz ---> Up 1# 8 oz from birth
Honor- 2# 5 oz ---> Up 1# 6 oz from birth
GREAT WEIGHTS!!!  As you can see, even though there is a 1/2 lb spread in weights, the increase span in weights since birth is from 1# 3 oz to 1# 8 oz-- only a 5 oz span.  The babies are growing wonderfully!
The puppies are getting up on their four feet now as well.  All eyes are open and they are beginning to explore the world around them. 
November 5, 2008:
If you have asked to be added to the Dutch/Trippy wait list to get first dibs at a puppy from this breeding when the time comes and I start letting some of them go, than you probably received a big group of pictures today.  Many views of each puppy, several head shots, etc were sent to those folks today.  Although I update this diary very frequently, there is no way that I can upload every picture that I take of this litter (because I take a TON) to this website so only those that are truly interested in a pup from the cross and have asked to be added to the wait list will get all of the photos throughout the puppy process.  If you would like to be added to the wait list, please e-mail me privately and I will add you to the wait & mailing lists!
Today's weights:
Trip- 2# 12 oz
Pheonix- 2# 11 oz
Cletus- 2 # 15 oz
Nitro- 2# 12 oz
Diego- 2# 7 oz
Kane- 2# 12 oz
Honor- 2# 7 oz
Our "goal" is for the puppies to be around 3# by Nov 9th.  As you can see, there's little doubt that the majority will make this goal.  These puppies are awesome and this is one of my favorite litters of puppies that I have ever raised.


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