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Page 2 of the Royal Diary begins at 3 weeks of age.  Enjoy!
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Babies FIRST meal! @ EXACTLY 3 wks old! :)

November 9, 2008:
The puppies enjoyed their 1st meal this morning consisting of baby rice cereal and milk replacer.  These first meals can be tricky. Sometimes the puppies aren't ready for something new and show little interest.  The royal babies, though, dove right in!  They wore as much as they ate and then proceeded to eat it off of one another. :)  Excellent first day!
I took a preliminary weight this morning (I always use the PM weights as the official weights) but it looks as though all of the puppies are going to weigh in at around 3#'s- give or take alittle.  Awesome weights for this age.
November 16, 2008:
Happy 4 wk old birthday, Trippy & Dutch babies!! :)  The babies got a much-overdue nail trim today & I took a quick weight, though, honestly, their weights have been wonderful up to this point so taking weights now is just curiousity, not necessity.
Here's how they weighed in:
Trip- 4# 4 oz
Pheonix- 4# 4 oz
Cletus- 4# 14 oz
Nitro- 4# 6 oz
Diego- 4#
Kane- 4# 5 oz
Honor- 4#
I took a few quick snapshots today but I will probably wait until later (they had just eaten and were a puppy mush mess!) and get a few more before adding any to the site.  Stay tuned!

4 wks old- Top To Bottom- Right to Left:
Kane * Pheonix * Honor * Cletus * Trip * Nitro * Diego

November 19, 2008:
As you can see above, we attempted the first "baby bench" pictures of the royal clan.  What a good job they did! <G>  A few of the pix got "bleached out"- which you can tell by my shirt looking lighter-- so it's hard to gauge color on those puppies- they are actually all pretty much the same color with the exception of Cletus, whose not as "dark" but is brighter than the others. :)
Kane was the easiest to bench-- he just self stacked and held that tail right up.  Honor also did quite well and Diego ran a close 3rd.  They are a bit early still to really 'judge' conformation, but it's still fun to work with them anyway and it's so nice to watch them "learn".
The puppies are a handful!!  They've discovered that there is more to my house than just their room and they are dead set on exploring it!  Throughout the day, you can hear them hollering wanting out.  If Trippy happens to be outside for a potty break-- look out!  As soon as you open the door, they are right at the opening waiting to barrel out.  They have found the kitchen and one of them (Pheonix, I think it was)- found CARPET in the livingroom today!  It won't be long until we are on a scavenger hunt trying to find puppies after I go in to clean up their room. :)  I love these guys.  They are awesome!  Their temperaments are fabulous.  They are getting so much attention-- from the humans and the other dogs in the house- that nothing seems to bother them.
November 23, 2008:
The puppies are now 5 weeks old and all are well over 5#'s.  They are eating on their own easily now and LOVE fresh water.  They are moving outside into the barn whelping area today with their new heating pad (thanks Joanne) and heating lamp.  Trippy has been working on the weaning process for the last week and a half and they are thriving well enough now to move away from Mama.  We will likely still let Trippy make a few trips in to see the puppies (and relieve herself) over the next few days but will then take her off entirely. 
The babies are graduating from their "baby" collars today into their "big boy (and girl) collars.  As a result, in the next set of pictures, you will see a few of the babies sporting new colors... here's what to look for:
Trip- aqua/greenish-blue collar with stars on it
Pheonix- still in a red collar
Cletus- rainbow collar
Nitro- now in a black collar
Diego- still in a blue collar
Kane- new light blue collar with black trim
Honor- still no collar :)
Look for new bench pix in the next couple of days!

Trip- Pheonix- Cletus- Nitro- Diego- Kane & Honor

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