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'PR' Tree Rizin' Bad Company AKA Shooter is 7 1/2 weeks old and was given to us by Gary Ricklefs, JR of Brandenburg, Kentucky.  Her mother is a niece to Razor and Gary is getting these puppies into the hands of people that will hunt them and thought that she might be a nice addition to our kennel complimenting Razor's breeding.
Today is Shooter's first day in her new home so I will have more to update on once she is settled in and grows up a bit.  There were several females to choose from while we were visiting with Gary & family but this little female was full of fire and rowdy as all get out.  She also had great balance, nice feet and a beautiful head.  We tried looking over each puppy but kept coming back to the little "wild child" that shoot from one thing to another. . . . she was "the one".
She is off of NITECH 'PR' Melton's Red Banjo and 'PR' River Ridge Jill.  Jill just lacks one placement to finish to Nitech and should make nitech easily now that she is off pups.


Here is Shooter's pedigree:
Sire:  NITECH Melton's Red Banjo
Grand Sire:  NITECH Little Red Fireball III
Great- Grand Sire:  NITECH Melton's My Dog Fireball
Great- Grand Dam:  Melton's Red Penny
Grand Dam:  Camp Creek Sue
Great- Grand Sire:  Camp Creek Ace
Great- Grand Dam:  Morrell's Red Ruby
Dam:  River Ridge Jill
Grand Sire:  GRNITECH Coffey's Red Mike
Great- Grand Sire:  Thomas' Mo Bruiser
Great- Grand Dam:  Coffey's Middle Cr Dawn
Grand Dam:  Turpin's Red Mama
Great- Grand Sire:  GRCH GRNITECH Outlaw Billy The Kid
Great- Grand Dam:  NITECH Shirley's Sneaky Diamond Ann