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Snapshots taken on November 8, 2008
Just 1 day shy of 3 wks old. I LOVE these babies!

This picture is extremely accurate for color.
These babies are a gorgeous breath-taking shade of red.

BORN OCTOBER 19, 2008:
Trippy blessed us with our NEW ROYAL COURT!!
Reigning over the litter will be
"DUTCHESS" (the lone female)
and defending their family honor
will be her mighty warrior brothers:
Listed in birth order & followed by new owner stats & permanent registration name:
AJAX- Green Collar- born 9:15 PM- 1# 2 oz
(Ajax:  mightiest Greek Warrior in the Trojan War)
Retained by Tree Rizin' Redbones
Owners:  Rob & Katina Childers
New Name:  'PR' Tree Rizin' Storm Chaser
Call Name:  Chase
GUNNAR- Red Collar- born 9:53 PM- 1# 1 oz
(Gunnar:  Bold Warrior)
Currently Available to a SHOW or DUAL PURPOSE Home
BARON- Orange Collar- born 10:26 PM- 1# 2 oz
(Baron:  Warrior- title of nobility)
Reserved for:  Carolyn Brown on Canada
New Name:  Tree Rizin' Cletus
Call Name:  Cletus
KANE- White Collar- born 2:52 AM- 1#
(Kane:  Little battle, warrior)
New Owners:  Sampson Hill Redbones
Joanne & Dave Doliber, Maine
New Name:  'PR' Sampson Hill Nitro Express
Call Name:  Nitro
WYATT- Blue Collar- born 4:55 AM- 15 oz (and breech)
(Wyatt:  War, Brave, Little Warrior)
1/2 Interest Retained by Tree Rizin'
Owners:  Katina Childers & Gary Ricklefs
New Name:  Tree Rizin' River Ridge Diego
Call Name:  Diego
KALEN- Yellow Collar- born 8:05 AM- 1#1 oz
(Kalen:  Mighty Warrior)
Retained by Tree Rizin' Redbones
Owners:  Rob & Katina Childers
New Name:  'PR' Tree Rizin' Natural Disaster
Call Name:  Kane
DUTCHESS- No collar- 8:50 AM- 15 oz
1/2 Interest Retained by Tree Rizin'
Owners:  Katina Childers & Paige Renison
New Name:  'PR' Tree Rizin' Code of Honor
Call Name:  Honor


GRCH AKC CH Tree Rizin' Triple Crown (TRIPPY)

The wins accumulated between Dutch & Trippy are awesome- much less their offspring from the first breeding. 
Here's a PARITAL list of SOME of Dutch's bigger wins:


'05 UKC World Show Champion Overall

'07 UKC World Champion Red Male

'03, '04. '06 & '07 National Grand Red Male- Autumn Oaks

'05, '06 & '07 Autumn Oaks- Pairs

'02 Winter Classic- Pairs

'05, '06, '07 Winter Classic- GRCH Red Male

'03 National Days- Zone Winner

'05 National Days Best Overall Dog of Show

'05, 06 National Days- Pairs

'06 & '07 National Days- GRCH Male

'03 American Days- King of Show

'02 So Red Days- Best Male of Show

'02, '05, 07 So Red Days- Pairs

'03, 05, 06, 07 So Red Days- GRCH Male

'06 So Red Days- Best Overall Dog of Show

& HERE'S A PARTIAL List of SOME of Trippy's Bigger Wins:

GRCH AKC CH Tree Rizin' Triple Crown

'02 UKC World Champion Redbone Female

'02 AKC World Champion Redbone Female & Best Female of Show

'02 ACHA World Champion Redbone Female

'02 NKC World Champion Redbone Female, Best Female of Show & Overall Opposite Sex

'02 & '05 National Grand Champion Red Female- Autumn Oaks

'02 National Red Days Best Overall Dog of Show

'02 American Red Days Champion Female

'02 Kentucky Houndsmen Best Overall Dog of Show
'02 AKC Redbone Assn Queen of HUNT and SHOW
'03 So Red Days- Pairs

'02 US Redbone Days GRCH Female

Below is a showcase of the winning pups out of the FIRST Dutch X Trippy breeding:  The KNIGHTS & LADY'S that have already fought competitively to bring their ROYAL FAMILY TO THE FRONT of the Redbone Coonhound World!
We are proud to have produced such fine representations of our breed.  I will list a FEW of the wins that these dogs have had over the past few years.  (These will be a very SHORT list-- this page would be tremendously long if I tried to list ALL of Dutch & Trippy's wins- much less their offspring).

CH 'PR' Code Red Americas Warrior

CH Code Red American Warrior-
Owned by David Driggers, GA:

2006 Winter Classic Redbone Pairs
2006 Southern Redbone Days Best Male of Show
2007 Winter Classic Best Male of SHOW
(Handled by Kat)
2007 Southern Redbone Days CH Male

GRCH 'PR' America's Patriot

GRFCH GRCH America's Patriot
Owned by Dale & Laurie Young, MI:

2006 American Redbone Days CH Male
2007 National Red Days GRCH Male & Best Overall Dog of Show
2007 American Redbone Days GRCH Male & King of Show
2007 US Red Days- GRCH Male, King & Best Overall Dog of Show
2008 American Redbone Days GRCH Male & King of Show
2008 Southern Red Days- GRCH Male (Both Days) & King of Show
2008 American Redbone Days GRCH Male & King of Show

'PR' Rockin W America's Freedom

Rockin' W America's Freedom
Owned by Lynn & Stefan Hill, TX:

2006 Autumn Oaks Best Red Female of Show
(Handled by Kat)

GRCH 'PR' Bolt Action Reverend Jones

GRCH Bolt Action Reverend Jones
Owned by Brandon & Leigh Tedder, SC:

2005 Autumn Oaks Best Red Male of Show
2007 Southern Red Days GRCH Male & Best Overall Dog of Show
2008 National Red Days GRCH Male
2008 Grand American GRCH Male
2008 Winter Classic GRCH Red Male
2008 National Redbone Coonhound Assn Zone 4 Overall Dog of Show
2008 SETWD GRCH Male
2008 AKC SC Low Country Classic Overall Dog of Show
2008 Black Gold Southern Classic Overall Dog of Show

CH 'PR' Tree Rizin' Americas Most Wanted

CH Tree Rizin' America's Most Wanted
Owned by Gary Ricklefs & Paul Brown, KY
Previously Owned & Campaigned by Tree Rizin':

2007 National Red Days Overall Zone Show Winner
2007 American Redbone Days CH Male (both Days)
(Handled by Kat)

'PR' Tree Rizin' Quadruple Crown

Tree Rizin' Quadruple Crown
Owned by Rob & Katina Childers, OH:
2008 ARCA Redbone Sectional Queen of Show
(Crown currently has 2 Best In Shows)

Update 11/8/2008:
I am currently maintaining a WAITING LIST of folks interested in one of these puppies.  Please understand that I am making this cross for US first and will be in NO hurry to rush these babies into new homes.  I will be keeping ALL of the puppies for an extended period of time.   THEN I will work from my WAIT LIST FIRST- before any puppies become available to the general public so if you have interest in this cross, please make SURE you ask to be put on the wait list.  Until you have asked & I have confirmed that I've added you to the list, please don't assume I know you are serious about your interest.
I've been asked about possible pricing.  That has not been decided yet but the first cross sold for $400 BEFORE Dutch won the World Show and before we knew what a success the cross would be.  I would GUESS that any puppies sold at 8 wks will price at $400-500.  Those retained longer will be priced according to ability and training level at the time they are sold.  ALSO- some puppies may be available on a CO-OWN basis at a reduced rate.
Anyone interested in being added to the growing wait list, should contact Kat as soon as possible.  You may e-mail at or feel free to call the house @ 937-839-0051.
Thanks for reading about this exciting Tree Rizin' cross!
I'd like to take a moment to thank Dale & Laurie Young for their continued support and cooperation in making sure that this breeding takes place.  I know that it takes a lot of trust to allow someone to take Dutch home with them and keep him for weeks at a time.  I feel very grateful that you have entrusted him to me twice.

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